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Centro di ricerca per l’estetica del diritto
Research Centre for Aesthetics of Law

Department: Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Economia e Scienze Umane
Location and Contacts: c/o Dipartimento DIGIES
Palazzo Zani
Via dei Bianchi n. 2
89127 Reggio Calabria
Tel. +39 0965 695338
Fax: +39 0965 695338
Director: Daniele Cananzi
Mail: Mail
Full Professors: Pasquale Catanoso (SECS-P/03)
Attilio Gorassini (IUS/01)
Associate Professors: Ettore Rocca (M-FIL/04)
PhD graduates: Serena Minnella, Andrea Mastropietro

Principal aims

CRED plays the strategic role of the first research centre that directs all its tasks to the survey of aesthetics of law, issue as ancient as innovative for philosophy of law and juridical sciences. Trailblazing studies pointed out a connection between law and aesthetics, that now draws the attention of an increasing number of scientists, interested in aesthetic dimension of law and its structure. This interest is evidenced by the internationality of the CRED Scientific Board and by the involvement of academics and experts from many Italian and foreign universities in all scientific works of recent years.

Research activities

CRED aims to promote initiatives and researches, to acquire a specialized library, to print a series of essays and to facilitate international academic debate about aesthetics of law. To this end, CRED wants to be not only a mere research centre, but even a open place for scholars of all nationalities who want to examine in depth aesthetics of law.

International relationships

  • Universität Rostock, Institut für Philosophie (Prof. Andris Breitling)
  • Faculté de Philosophie - Institut catholique de Toulouse (Prof. Riccardo Di Giuseppe)
  • Faculty of Law - University of Bierkbeck (Prof. Costas Douzinas - Londra)
  • Institut des Hautes Études sur la Justice (Prof. Antonine Garapon - Paris)
  • Département de philosophie - Université de Montréal (Prof. Jean Grondin)
  • Literatur Department, University of California San Diego (Prof. Marcel Hénaff)
  • Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique, Université de Liège (Prof. Robert Jacob)
  • Hellenic Open University (Prof. Byron Kaldis - Atene)
  • Faculté de Droit, Université Saint-Louis (Prof. François Ost - Bruxelles)

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Daniele Cananzi Aesthetics of law; Law and literature; Philosophy of Euro-Mediterranean law SH2 - Institutions, values, beliefs and behaviour: sociology, social anthropology, political science, law, communication, social studies of science and technology
SH4 - The Human Mind and its complexity: cognition, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and education
SH5 - Cultures and cultural production: literature, visual and performing arts, music, cultural and comparative studies

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