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Prove sui materiali stradali, ferroviari ed aeroportuali

Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, delle Infrastrutture e dell'Energia Sostenibile
Location and Contacts:

Ex Facoltà di Ingegneria – Corpo D – Piano Terra
Via Graziella, Loc. Feo Di Vito
Tel. 0965 1693405/230
89122 Reggio Calabria

Area (mq): 60+20
Rooms: 2
Director: Filippo Giammaria Praticò
Mail: Mail
Technical Responsible:
Useful links: Certificazione ISO 9001:2015
Associate Professors: Filippo Giammaria Praticò (ICAR/04)
PhD students: 2
Project-based collaborators: 1-3

Principal aims

Main activities and objectives include research, education, and contractor assistance. The laboratory activities are focused on the engineering of transportation infrastructures. Recognized pillars are the scientific independence through work. Competitive and international undertaking, cooperation and team science are the values and the mission.

Research activities

  • Tests, high-speed surveys, analyses, studies and researches about transportation infrastructures, manufacturing and processing of materials. Feasibility studies, industrial research, pre-competitive development, traditional and advanced tests and certifications on soils, bituminous mixes, pavements, infrastructures.
  • Bituminous materials for transportation infrastructures: constitutive relationships; premium bituminous mixes; hot, warm, and cold recycling/production of asphalt pavements; mix design carried out in terms of volumetric approach, soil stabilization.
  • Fundamental and empirical variables for estimation and pavement optimization. Use of innovative/reclaimed materials for transportation infrastructures.
  • Innovative parameters and devices for the analysis of surface properties, geometry, main characteristics, and layout.
  • Modelling: mechanistic approaches for structural design; finite element analysis and experimental validations.
  • Life cycle cost analysis, management, maintenance, and rehabilitation of road pavements.
  • Safety/security/risk for transportation infrastructures; intrinsic safety of the infrastructures (RSA, RSR, tire-road interaction, tire-rail interaction, etc.); management of infrastructures and mitigation of risks during the transport of hazardous materials (Hazmat).
  • Design optimization for transportation infrastructures (yard organization and workzones included).
  • Environmental impact (noise, air pollution, carbon footprint) of transportation infrastructures, transportation systems, plants, and related processes involved in the supply chain.
  • Sensors, energy harvesting, for transportation infrastructure, smart cities, and mobility-related constructions.
  • Quality control, Quality assurance, Pay adjustment.

International relationships

University of Maryland, USA; University of Texas at Arlington; IFSTTAR - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l’Aménagement et des Réseaux, University of Pretoria.

Horizon 2020 topics

Smart, Green and Integrated Transport; Smart Cities and Communities; Smart Specialisation

Smart Specialisation Strategy Calabria (S3 Calabria)

Ambiente e rischi naturali, Edilizia sostenibile, Smart systems, Smart manifacturing.

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Safety, Security, Infrastructure, Risk SH3_9 - Mobility and transportation
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Recycling, Pavements SH3_1 - Environment and sustainability
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Bituminous materials for infrastructures PE8_3 - Civil engineering, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Nonbituminous materials for infrastructures PE8_3 - Civil engineering, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Quality control, Quality assurance, Pay adjustment SH1_9 - Public administration, public economics

Patents and acknowledgments

Titolare Brevetti Riconoscimenti
Filippo Giammaria Praticò BRUSH TESTERC (Brevetto RC2007A000018. : BRUSH TESTERC)
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Riciclo poveri estinguenti esauste (European patent office: WO/2009/072159: BITUMINOUS … BY USING THE SPENT POWDERS OF EXTINGUISHERS)


Responsible Keywords Services
Filippo Giammaria Praticò Materials, pavements Test on materials for roads, railways and airports

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