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Metodi Matematici e Numerici per l'Ingegneria

Laboratory of Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Engineering

Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, delle Infrastrutture e dell'Energia Sostenibile
Location and Contacts:

Via Graziella, Loc. Feo Di Vito
Edificio biennio Ingegneria Piano III
89122 Reggio Calabria

Director: Vittoria Bonanzinga
Mail: Mail
Technical Responsible: Mariantonia Cotronei
Associate Professors: Vittoria Bonanzinga (MAT/03)
Researchers: Mariantonia Cotronei (MAT/08)
Gioia Failla (MAT/03)
PhD graduates: Anna Maria Stanganelli, Paola Lea Staglianò
Other staff: Versaci Fabio

Principal aims

The laboratory was established by a group of mathematicians interested in developing techniques and models for applications. It brings together a set of experiences and skills, each very different from each other, to address a wide range of problems. The research activities of the laboratory include different scientific sectors of Pure and Applied Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry MAT/03, MAT/02 and, Mathematical Analysis, MAT/05, Numerical Analysis MAT/08 and their interactions with different fields of Engineering: Transportation, Topography, Electronics, Information and Communication Technology. The laboratory works on developing algorithms and programming codes related to numerical experimental data. In the context of the approximation of experimental data, the main themes include: the theory and applications of wavelet functions, schemes for the construction of orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelet filters, wavelet analysis of signals and images in one or more channels, applications to problems of data processing: denoising, compression, edge detection.

Research activities

The problems of pure and applied mathematics are studied using numerical and symbolic software such as CoCoA, Macaulay, Singular, Normalize, Maple, Octave, Scilab. Work is carried out on computer algebra and cryptography, mathematical methods and models for signal and image processing, geometric modeling, development of algorithms and programming codes related to numerical experimental data; instrumental applications of mathematical problems of nonlinear elasticity and problems associated with micro-electric mechanical systems. We study the compression of images with the development of algorithms encoding / decoding based on wavelet analysis, the analysis of the performance of compression algorithms with different filter classes: orthogonal, biorthogonal, stationary, nonstationary, scalar, vector, matrix.

International relationships

The laboratory has carried out scientific collaborations with the following universities: University of Saga, University of Yamagata (Japan), CIMAT, Guanajuato, UNAM, Mexico City (Mexico), University of Leipzig, University of Hagen, University of Potsdam, University of Passau (Germany), Univ. ULCO, Calais, Univ Lille Nord de France, Calais (France), Ovidius University of Constanta (Romania), University of Vienna (Austria), Colorado State University (U.S.A).

Horizon 2020 topics

Information and Communication Technology, Funding Researcher: Mathematics transport; Smart, green and integrated transport, SSH research analyses the socio-economic aspects of transport, prospective studies and technology foresight; business model innovation; Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Vittoria Bonanzinga Algebra PE1_2 - Algebra
Mariantonia Cotronei Numerical analysis and scientific computing PE1_16 - Numerical analysis and scientific computing
Vittoria Bonanzinga Geometry PE1_5 - Geometry
Vittoria Bonanzinga Algebraic and complex Geometry PE1_4 - Algebraic and complex geometry
Vittoria Bonanzinga Application of Mathematics in Sciences PE1_18 - Application of mathematics in sciences

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