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Economia ed Estimo Rurale

Department: Dipartimento di Agraria
Location and Contacts: c/o Dipartimento Agraria
Loc. Feo di Vito
89122 Reggio Calabria
tel. + 39 0965 1694247
Area (mq): 250
Rooms: 8
Director: Giovanni Gulisano
Mail: Mail
Full Professors: Giovanni Gulisano (AGR/01)
Francesco Nesci (AGR/01)
Associate Professors: Agata Carmela Nicolosi (AGR/01)
Claudio Marcianò (AGR/01)
Researchers: Anna Irene De Luca (AGR/01)
Donatella Maria Di Gregorio (AGR/01)
Alfio Strano (AGR/01)
Research fellows: Falcone Giacomo, Iofrida Nathalie, Stillitano Teodora, Nicolò Bruno Francesco
Other staff: Fortugno Demetrio

Principal aims

The laboratory was created to satisfy the research question concerning the economic, political, regulatory, managerial and estimative aspects of production, transformation, distribution, market and consumption of primary sector products, as well as environmental sustainability.
In addition, the laboratory, through its research activities, aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the study, the definition and the implementation of methodologies for the assessment of environmental, economic and social sustainability in agri-food and forestry field. In particular, the research activities carried out through the Life Cycle-based approaches (Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Social Life Cycle Assessment) have as ultimate goal the impacts quantification in terms of environmental damage, as well as of socio-economic repercussions generated by each phase of a production process. These research activities are also oriented to the provision of services to support business strategies of marketing and towards pathways of circular economy, as well as to the acquisition by agri-food firms of voluntary certifications. Furthermore, as part of an integrated and multifunctional concept of the rural area, the activities focused on aspects related to the integrated planning of rural areas and to governance systems, rural development and alternative forms of territorial governance, such as rural districts.

Research activities

The multiple lines of research developed, both theoretical and applicative, allow to realize and support the innovation of agri-food production processes and transformation of agroforestry products, through the definition and implementation of tools for reading, interpretation, control and planning of the territory. Particular emphasis has been placed, in recent years, on issues concerning complementary functions to primary production, such as the protection of the environment and the landscape, as well as the recovery and enhancement of typical elements, with particular reference to quality food production.
The growing awareness of environmental damages caused by the over-exploitation of natural resources and the increased sensitivity of the consumer towards the purchase of products more responsive to environmental, economic and social needs, entail the urgency of activating agri-food companies production models that are increasingly sustainable in terms of environmental attentiveness, economic feasibility and social equity. To this aim, therefore, the agri-food entrepreneur necessarily have to review the organizational and management layouts with a green economy vision, also by increasing his ability to transfer to the customers these values and principles. To this aim, the agri-food companies can find a useful help in the adoption of management systems, such as for example product/process certifications, increasingly oriented towards a global and integrated sustainability approach. The laboratory’s activities aim to provide services for product/process innovations and the application of new technologies to adapt to the standard sustainability. The aim is to contribute to increasing the innovation capacity and competitiveness of agri-food firms, supporting their business strategies and good practices through research and development activities and services, support for the adoption of voluntary certification and green marketing systems.
A further important activity concerned the study and analysis of the socio-economic sustainability of fishing, in order to provide tools for knowledge, monitoring, planning and control useful for operators in the sector, as well as for control and intervention management bodies.

International relationships

The laboratory has carried out scientific collaborations with the following university institutions:
Center for Education in Economics and Policy of Rural Development - University of Naples Federico II, London School of Economics and Political Sciences (United Kingdom), Ecole National Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier (France), Center International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méediterranéennes (CIHEAM) (France), Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD) (Montpellier, France), Wageningen University (Netherland), Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain).

Horizon 2020 topics

- Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy -Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

Smart Specialisation Strategy Calabria (S3 Calabria)

- Agroalimentare

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Giovanni Gulisano Agricultural Policy, Rural Development, Agri-food Supply Chain, Fishing and aquaculture, Integrated rural planning, rural governance, Alternative Food Network SH1_7 - Organization studies, strategy
Claudio Marcianò Integrated rural planning, rural governance, ecosystem services SH1_7 - Organization studies, strategy
Agata Carmela Nicolosi Consumer analysis, consumer propensity, consumer behavioral, marketing, Consumer choice, behavioral economics SH1_8 - Human resource management, employment and earnings
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Integrated Sustainability analysis – Life Cycle Methodologies (LCA, LCC, SLCA) SH3_1 - Environment and sustainability


Responsible Keywords Services
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Environmental performance, agri-food production processes, Life Cycle Assessment Environmental performance assessment of agri-food products and processes by means of Life Cycle Assessment tool.
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Integrated sustainability assessment, LCA, LCC, SLCA Measurement and integrated evaluation of environmental, economic and social performances of agri-food products and processes by means of Life Cycle toolkit (LCA, LCC, SLCA) for sustainability of agri-food systems
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Voluntary sustainability certification/standard systems Support to adoption of sustainability certification/standard systems
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Carbon footprint, Ecological Footprint, Cost-Benefit Analysis Preliminary analysis for management systems of environmental quality (Carbon, Water and Ecological Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration) and economic efficiency (cost-benefit analysis)
Anna Irene De Luca
Alfio Strano
Talking labels Data collection and elaboration of useful information for the definition of "talking labels" for agri-food products

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