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Laboratorio per lo studio delle modificazioni del territorio

Department: Dipartimento di Architettura e Territorio
Location and Contacts:

Via dell'Università 25
89124 Reggio Calabria
Prima Stecca, piano -1

Director: Gaetano Ginex
Mail: Mail
Associate Professors: Gaetano Ginex (ICAR/17)
PhD graduates: Gabriella Falcomatà, Giuseppe Mazzacuva
PhD students: Sonia Mercurio, Chiara Pietropaolo, Francesco Trimboli
Other staff: Alessandro De Luca, Pietro Maria Giunta, Francesco Stilo
Notes: Responsabile tecnico: Francesco Trimboli

Principal aims

  • To promote the share of the teachers and the students to the proposed initiatives and organized from the Laboratory. Favoring it exchange of information, of didactic experiences and of search
  • To found groups of job that departing from the human resource and instrumental resources inside the dArTe, can activate project initiatives and realizzativa of the LABORATORIO OFFICINA MEDI_TER as well as of her real functionality
  • To give visibility to the initiatives organized inside the Laboratory through conferences, press releases and publications, as well as through the web sites and editorial events
  • The activity of the LABORATORIO OFFICINA MEDI_TER implies that the use of the spaces of the Laboratory can be frequented by students of various institutions (University and Schools)
  • To promote the image of the Laboratory through conferences, seminars of study and Cultural Activity what Workshop, didactic activity and practical activities, that show the scientific competences from him promoted
  • To promote the interdisciplinary activities, reported to the area of the "Culture and Tourism" with the objective to promote her through the use of emergent technologies

Research activities

  • To promote and to sustain the socio-economic development of the Calabria and of the Mediterranean regions implementing a strategy reported to the exploitation of their cultural (historical, archaeological, environmental, of safeguard) patrimony on local and international staircase, to favor and to activate processes of integration with the European regions, offering new opportunities to harmonize the cultural differences, politics and religious
  • To make visible and usable the historical way and the testimonies that they have marked the becoming of the Calabrian civilization in the Mediterranean context, revisiting their contribution to the progress of the humanity
  • To structure a activity of knowledge and interdisciplinary study to the circle of the " Cultural Heritage and the Tourism"
  • To participate in the improvement of the local economies and the capacity of the territories' attraction
  • To show as the relationship between metropolitan city and cultural patrimony is a field of experimentation of excellence for our Country
  • To contribute to the opening of new conquests on the plan of the understanding and the knowledge of the history of the humanity, increase and improve the offer of usable assets
Besides, through the LABORATORIO OFFICINA MEDI_TER, is meant to promote:
  • the scientific collaboration and the exchange of the technical support with other laboratories and groups of study and search that cultivate similar interest and that they priority possess complementary competences reported to the circle of the architecture, of the art, and of the cultural heritage in general
  • the interdisciplinary culture, establishing contacts and exchanging information with the laboratories and the centers of research that conduct similar activity to the purposes of the Laboratory

Horizon 2020 topics

Dissemination of innovative technologies and know-how; Strengthening cooperation between economic development stakeholders and public authorities.

Smart Specialisation Srategy Calabria (S3 Calabria)

- Turismo e Cultura

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Gaetano Ginex Drawing, Modeling, Representation SH5_7 - Museums and exhibitions
SH5_10 - History of art and architecture
SH5_11 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
SH5_12 - Cultural memory, intangible cultural heritage
SH6_1 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology
SH6_12 - Cultural heritage

Via dell'Università, 25 (già Salita Melissari) - 89124 Reggio Calabria - CF 80006510806 - Fax 0965 332201 - URP:Indirizzo di posta elettronica dell'ufficio relazioni con il pubblico- PEC:Indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata dell'amministrazione
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