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Logging Mechanization

Curriculum Curriculum unico
Learnings UNICO
Academic Year 2018/2019
Scientific Disciplinary Sector AGR/09
Year Third year
Time unit First semester
Class hours 60
Educational activity Formative educational activities

Single group

Objectives The course aims to provide the basic knowledge that enable the student to take the proper choice about technical and economical setting of machines and plants used in forestry, with a particular attention to design, constructive, operational, functional, managerial and environmental aspects, as well as, the required standards in terms of work safety. Practical exercises of a considerable significance related to design and organizational aspects will be achieved.

Dublin Descriptors

Knowledge and understanding:
Acquisition of the basic principles of agro-forestry mechanization, and detailed knowledge of machines and mechanized operations related to forestry.

Applying knowledge and understanding:
Ability to define forestry mechanization plans, select the relevant machines and their combinations in function of technological, structural, environmental and economical constraints.

Making judgements
Being able to evaluate the best technical solutions to employ in order to properly manage working sites.

Communication skills:
Ability to expose the acquired knowledge and to communicate with the technicians and professionals of the sector.

Learning skills:
Ability to follow other specializations trainings of agricultural and forestry mechanics, using the knowledge acquired in the course.
Programme Introduction: Levels, models and development tendencies in forestry mechanization
Reminders of physics: General mechanics
Endothermic motors: Composition and functioning (Petrol and Diesel oil)
The tractor and its employment in forestry: Technical and functional characteristics. The
principal organs of movement transmission, of direction and propulsion. Engines coupling
and operating devices.
Forestry engines stability: Adherence, longitudinal and transversal stability, stability and
control loss limits, soil compaction.
Reminders of logging: work systems and interventions planning.
Operating machines for felling and processing: The chainsaw and accessory tools (Manual
hoist, felling lever, etc.).
Machines for bunching and extraction: Winch, chutes, gullies, trailers.
Yarders: Generalities, steel ropes, log carriages, winches and accessories, dimensioning.
Others operating machines: Transplanters, clearing saws, debarkers, chippers.
Combined forestry machines: Harvester, processor, feller, skidder.
Work organization: Work elementary phases, work capacity and productivity.
Economical valuation: Notions on operating costs. Technical and economical choices
Worksites safety: Considerations on ergonomics. Notions on work safety.
Practices: Dimensioning and verification of the employed machines in the main cultivation
interventions and/or forestry worksites inspection for practical deepening of the topics
discussed during lectures
Books Pellizzi G., Meccanica Agraria Vol. 1 - Richiami di fisica applicata, i materiali, i motori e i trattori. Calderini edagricole.
Hippoliti, G., 1997. Appunti di meccanizzazione forestale. Firenze. Studio Editoriale Fiorentino.
Hippoliti G, Piegai F., 2000. La raccolta del legno. Compagnia delle foreste.
Spinelli R., 2000. Meccanizzazione forestale intermedia. Edagricole.
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation No
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation No
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere No
Practice Test No

Further information

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