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2nd Cycle Degree Course: Primary teacher education

Academic Year 2018/2019

Category of degree: LM-85 bis

Coordinator Board of degree course: Amalia Chiara Di Landro

The  Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences provides for skills in the fields of education, psychology, teaching methodologies, Italian language and grammar, physical and musical sciences, history, geography, scientific and mathematical disciplines, English language: basic teachings, together with characterizing subjects, dedicated to the  "knowledge of the school" and to training activities related to the reception and inclusion of children with special needs. Specific laboratories are connected to some of these subjects.

Starting from the second year, the course of study provides direct and indirect training  with a growing number of credits.

The course is aimed at the training of teachers of the nursery and primary school; the final degree exam is a qualifying title.

 Graduates in primary education sciences can also work as training operators in educational institutions and educational institutions.

The  Degree Course has a programmed number of students, determined by a MIUR decree.

Educational goals

  1. Training of the future teacher in primary school on the development processes, growth and  children learning;
  2. Teaching skills in the areas of school knowledge;
  3. Specialization in the treatment of children with special needs;
  4. Skills for the management of the class group and for the individual relationship with the students;
  5. English language proficiency corresponding to level B2.

The expected learning outcomes, for groups of disciplines, are :

For basic activities:

  • Elements of developmental psychology and the main pedagogical and didactic models;
  • consolidate skills in observing child behavior;
  • Teaching skills and ability to organize and manage groups and the class;
  • Share flexible planning and models with group and class teachers;

With reference to Area 1, relating to the knowledge of primary schools:

for the linguistic-literary disciplinary area

  1. Language teaching
    • Identification of the essential structures of the Italian language;
  2. Literature teaching:
    • To be able to analyze and comment on a text;
    • To know Italian literary tradition;

For the historical-geographical disciplinary area

  • acquire basic historical and geographical skills concerning the different historical periods and characteristics of the landscape, the territory and the different natural, socio-cultural, economic and political systems;
  • mastering historical research methodologies, through document analysis and source control;

For the mathematical and scientific disciplinary / ecological-biological, physical-chemical disciplines

Natural Science:

  • To acquire the fundamental scientific concepts and their connections;
  • To acquire knowledge and teaching skills related to scientific disciplines;

For the musical and artistic disciplinary field

  • to learn the fundamental concepts, the history of evolution of artistic, musical and motor culture;
  • to acquire knowledge, skills and techniques related to the development of art and music.

With reference to Area 2- Teachings for the needs of disabled children and students

Educational goals:

  • to achieve psycho-pedagogical knowledge on types of disability, learning disabilities, interpersonal, emotional and behavioral difficulties;
  • to know the rules about school integration;


  • to acquire teaching skills with new technologies;
  • to acquire skills on the children's rights.

With reference to the English language:

  • to acquire knowledge about learning English as a foreign language;
  • to master teaching and practical skills on the English class management skills (syllabus design, teaching approaches and methods, materials development and analysis, assessment);
  • skills at level B2, as required in the Common European Framework of Reference, at the end of the course of studies.

First year

History of pedagogy and educational institutions 8 M-PED/02 First semester
Bases of ancient and medieval history 8 L-ANT/02 - L-ANT/03 - M-STO/01 First semester
Visual communication and drawing First semester
- Visual communication and drawing laboratory 1 ICAR/17 First semester
- Visual communication and drawing 8 ICAR/17 First semester
General pedagogy First semester
- General pedagogy 8 M-PED/01 First semester
- Educational workshop 1 M-PED/01 First semester
General didactics and innovative methodologies Second semester
- Workingroup didactical activities 4 M-PED/03 Second semester
- General didactics and innovative methodologies 8 M-PED/03 Second semester
Developmental psychology 8 M-PSI/04 Second semester
Elements of public law 4 IUS/10 Second semester
English language lab 2 Second semester
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