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Degree Course: Architecture-Restoration

The 2nd Cycle Degree Course (Master Degree) in Architecture-Restoration deepens teaching elements of the 1st Cycle Degree course in Architectural Science, giving to the graduates a high level of technical knowledge and thorough historical-critical basis, essential to deal with crucial professional themes related to historical heritage on different levels: from a single building to old town centers urban environment, to cultural landscape.

The educational path is characterized by inter-disciplinary Laboratories which, through a practical approach, are suitable for dealing with various issues related to the project, easing students learning. The project, considered as cognitive experience, analysis and critical evaluation of the existing, exploits appropriate tools useful to protect, conserve, value, manage and promote cultural heritage. It can be observed, in contemporary society, an attention toward the latter as architectural and landscape assets convey the distinctiveness of the architecture-culture-territory connection. This is the reason why society needs technical and cultural professionals able to appropriately meet demands of territories which are in great challenge with the architectural and landscape heritage complexity related to the importance of recognizing, preserving over time and valuing the historical heritage that identifies the peculiarity of each country.

First year

History of City and Territory ICAR/18 8
Environmental Technical Physics ING-IND/11 6
Elective - 8

Laboratory of Solids and Structural Mechanics and Structural Engineering - 8
- Mechanics of Solids and Structures ICAR/08 4
- Structural Engineering ICAR/09 4
Laboratory of Strengthening of Historical Buildings - 8
- Stengthening of Historical Buildings ICAR/19 8
Laboratory for Sustainable Urban Regeneration - 22
- City and Landscape ICAR/18 8
- Urban Design ICAR/21 6
- Economic Appraisal of the Design ICAR/22 8

Second year

Internship and further linguistic competences - 4
Final Project - 8

Laboratory of Design of Innovation in the Existing - 22
- Architectural Design ICAR/14 12
- Environmental Design ICAR/12 6
- Economy of Environment and Territory SECS-P/06 4
Laboratory of Restoration - 26
- Architectural Restoration ICAR/19 8
- Philosophy of Preservation in different cultural areas of the world ICAR/19 2
- Nondestructive Survey ICAR/19 2
- Architectural Survey for Restoration ICAR/17 6
- Materials Science ING-IND/22 4
- Defense of Wood from Pests AGR/11 4

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