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Degree Course: Architectural Science

The 1st Cycle Degree Course (Bachelor Degree) in “Architectural Science” is intended to develop the professional figure of a Junior Architect that participates in planning, design, construction and management activities concerning transformation projects of the built environment.

The acquired knowledge will allow him/her to integrate his/her work with that of other professional figures operating at different levels in the architecture sector and to manage current production techniques of Architecture.

The aim of the Course is to provide the graduate with an appropriate cultural and scientific knowledge that will enable him/her to understand architectural works and human settlement organization under the logical/formal, compositional, typological/distributive, structural, architectural and technological aspects related to historical, physical and environmental context, in order to identify, formulate and resolve architectural and town-planning problems using current methods, techniques and instruments, and also to supervise technical and economic feasibility aspects (costing, production and realization of building products as well as their safety-related problems).

The course, in brief, is aimed to prepare students to play, beside the traditional architect role, an innovative connecting part between architects and clients, administration and business, management and social actors, in the process related to the planning of building and urban interventions and to the transformation, recovery and restoration of the existing architectural heritage.

First year

Calculus MAT/05 8
Architectonic Composition ICAR/14 8
Fundamentals of Urban ICAR/21 6
Technology of the Environment and the Materials ICAR/12 6
Elective - 6
English - 4
Automatic Drawing - 4

Laboratory of Representation - 10
- Applications of Descriptive Geometry and Drawing ICAR/17 6
- Architectural Survey ICAR/17 4
History of Ancient and Medieval Architecture - 8
- History of Ancient Architecture ICAR/18 4
- History of Medieval Architecture ICAR/18 4

Second year

Technical Physics ING-IND/11 8
Static ICAR/08 8
History of Modern Architecture ICAR/18 8

Laboratory of Technology of Architecture - 10
- Working Plan for Building and Town Maintenance ICAR/12 6
- Drawing ICAR/17 4
Laboratory of Materials for Restoration - 14
- Diagnostic for the Restoration ICAR/19 4
- Materials Science ING-IND/22 6
- Applied Geology GEO/05 4
Planning Laboratory 1 - 14
- Architectural Design 1 ICAR/14 8
- Urban Planning ICAR/21 6

Third year

Design ICAR/13 8
History of Contemporary Architecture ICAR/18 8
Architectural Restoration ICAR/19 8
Urban Appraisal ICAR/22 8
Elective - 6
Final Project - 6
Internship - 2

Planning Laboratory 2 - 12
- Architectural Design 2 ICAR/14 8
- Strengthening of Historical Buildings ICAR/19 4

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