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Degree Course: Agricultural Sciences and Technologies

The 1st Cycle Degree Course (Bachelor Degree) in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies aims to provide students with adequate knowledge and skills in the context of plant and animal agricultural production, in order to optimize the input and reduce the environmental impact. Throughout the study course, the various disciplines work together to develop a training at different levels:

1) introductory/methodological: basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, and in chemical and biological sectors;

2) basic knowledge: areas of economics, agricultural chemistry and microbiology, agronomy, plant disease;

3) expert knowledge: areas of crops, animal livestock, agricultural engineering, policy and industries.

Graduates in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies can work in independent sectors or can be employed by public and private companies. The main activities are the design, consultation and cooperation in all the fields of agricultural systems, food and livestock; technical assistance in evaluative, cadastral, accounting and tax sectors, topographic and cartographic activities; quality certifications and analyses of crop and animal production.

First year

Plant Biology BIO/ 03 8
Chemistry CHIM/03 8
Elements of Mathematics MAT/05 6
Elements of Physics FIS/01 6
Genetics AGR/07 6
English art. 10, co. 5, lett. c) e d) 6

Second year

Agricultural Economics and Policy -  
- Agricultural Economics AGR/01 6
- Agricultural Policy AGR/01 6
Entomology AGR/11 6
Fundaments of General Microbiology and Agriculture Industries -
- Fundaments of General Microbiology AGR/16 5
- Fundaments of Agricultural Industries AGR/15 4
Agronomy AGR/02 6
Arboriculture AGR/03 6
Agricultural Chemistry -
- Plant Biochemistry and Physiology AGR/13 6
- Soil Chemistry AGR/13 6
Plant pathology AGR/12 6
Zootechnics and principles of animal genetic improvement AGR/17 6

Third year

Rural Buildings and Land Survey AGR/10 6
Agricultural Hydraulics and Mechanics and Agricultural Mechanization -
- Agricultural Hydraulics AGR/08 6
- Mechanics and Agricultural Mechanization AGR/09 6
Animal Nutrition and Feeding, Special Zootechnics -
- Animal Nutrition and Feeding AGR/18 6
- Special Zootechnics AGR/19 6
Laboratory of CAD art.10, c5, l.d 3
Herbaceous and Fruit Crops -
- Herbaceous Crops AGR/02 6
- Tree Fruit Culture AGR/03 6
Law of the Agri-Food Markets IUS/03 6
Rural Appraisal AGR/01 6
Electives - 12
Apprenticeship Training and Guidance - 2
Internship - 2
Final project - 4

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