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Degree Course: Electronic Engineering

The 2nd Cycle Degree Course (Master Degree) in Electronic Engineering is open to students already holding a 1st Cycle Degree (Bachelor Degree) in scientific and engineering disciplines with a focus on electrical/electronic subjects. This Course has been active for some 20 yrs and still offers a clearly recognised specialisation in the area of engineering, a true passe-partout for the widest professional and scientific contexts.

The Course is designed with the aim of shaping young engineers with an in-depth knowledge about the scientific and technological aspects of electronics and electromagnetism, with a particular attention toward the application of these technologies. The study and application of mathematics, solid-state physics and chemistry is also among the main targets of the Course.

The Course is organised in 12 subjects, among which 2 are chosen by the students according to their personal interests, with classroom lectures and extensive laboratory activities.

The professional competences that the student will gain concern the ability of designing and using complex electronic systems in environments like telecommunications, photonics, smart power electronics, robotics and health care.

First year

Electromagnetic Fields II ING-INF/02 6
Microwave Engineering ING-INF/02 6
Chemistry and Processes for Microelectronics CHIM/07 6
Environmental Data and Signals Processing ING-IND/31 9
Semiconductor Devices ING-INF/01 12
Solid State Physics FIS/01 6
Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Queue Theory MAT/05 6
System theory and optimal control ING-INF/04 9

Second year

Electronic Systems for Energy ING-IND/33 6
Microelectronics ING-INF/01 12
Sensors & Transducers and Automatic Measurement ING-INF/07 12
Additional Educational Activities - 3
12 ETCS chosen by the student -
- Numerical Calculus and Programming MAT/08 6
- Measures for Automation and Industrial Production ING-INF/07 6
- Measurements for the Quality & Electrical Security ING-INF/07 - ING-/IND-33 6
- VLSI Design ING-INF/01 6
- Antennas and radiopropagation in complex environments ING-INF/02 6
- Operations Research MAT/09 6
- Advanced topics in electromagnetics ING-INF/02 6
- Graph Theory MAT/03 6
- Theory of cryptography MAT/03 6
Final dissertation - 15

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