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Registration quota reserved for foreign students 2018/2019

For all information concerning the admission of foreign students to university courses in the period 2018-2019 refer to

Click here to display the reserved places with the information provided on quota provided for foreign students for a. A. 2018/2019.

Declaration of Value of academic qualifications/degrees

The University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria evaluates applications for declaration of value of academic qualifications/degrees and declare the purposes of further education college and/or about the award of university degrees Italian part of its autonomy and in accordance with its regulations, with subject to bilateral agreements and international conventions.

This assessment must be approved by the Board of the teaching structure concerned (Council of the course of study and the Faculty Council), which can declare the equivalence of foreign academic qualification with the corresponding required or guarantee the partial declaration of value of each exam, with the consequent need for the interested person to enroll in a year of Italian studies to complete his studies and eventually prepare and discuss the final thesis.

Any process of equivalence / declarations of value ends with the issuance of a Decree of the Rector makes executive the decision of the Academic Senate. Italian citizens with foreign qualifications are admitted at the university access to the same conditions as Italian citizens in possession of an Italian education qualification, except for the certification of the same title which must comply with the requirements set out by the Ministry responsible for foreign qualifications, must also be accompanied by a Declaration of value only be carried out by the Italian Embassy or Consulate responsible for the jurisdiction.

Documents to be submitted are:

  1. original of the final secondary school (or substitute certificate), valid for admission to the University in which it was awarded the academic title;
  2. an official translation into Italian of the certificate or qualification referred to in subparagraph a);
  3. a declaration of the value of the same qualification/certificate referred to in subparagraph a), issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the didatic order which refers to the title itself;
  4. degree/academic qualification - in original - of which the declaration of value is sought, which is also accompanied by an official translation into Italian and declaration of value, issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate to which the certificate refers to the university regulations;
  5. Certificate - in original - with details of courses attended and examinations taken abroad to achieve the foreign qualification referred to in subparagraph d);
  6. an official translation into Italian of the certificate referred to in subparagraph e);
  7. study programs/syllabus (on university letterhead or with the official stamp of the university itself) of all subjects included in the foreigner curriculum. The authenticity of such programs, as well as all previous documentation must be confirmed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in loco. If the Faculty concerned deems it necessary, it will be mandatory to submit an official translation.
  8. 2 passport size photographs, one of which authenticated.
  9. copy of the thesis, discussed in the final examination held for the attainment of a degree, may be required by the Faculty concerned either with or without the corresponding official translation and legalization.
  10. application on stamp recognition of foreign academic qualification addressed to “Magnifico Rettore dell’Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria”, to be prepared in accordance with Italian special application form, which must be specified in both the foreign qualification (in original language ) and the corresponding degree of the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria with which you intend to have the declaration of value.
  11. certificate of deposit for preliminary recognition of foreign qualifications contribution amounted to € 62.92, IBAN IT 36 R 02008 16304 000 401 086 229 made payable to the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria - Agenzia UniCredit SpA Via degli Arconti n. 6 Reggio Calabria. The indication of the reason must be the following: Riconoscimento Titoli Accademici a.a. 2013-2014 with the indication of the name and surname of the applicant for registration.

The application for approval must be submitted directly to Dirigente Macroarea Servizi agli Studenti Cittadella Universitaria (Via Melissari, Torre 1, III Livello - 89124 Reggio Calabria - +39.09653695.462/3/4 – well in advance (at least sixty days in advance) in order to complete the procedure in time to allow, in the case of partial declaration on value of the title, the regularization of a particular course of study with short career.

Download the application for Declaration of Value of foreign academic qualification/degree

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