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Prof. Consuelo Nava invited to the 2021 Venice Biennale

Prof. Consuelo Nava, researcher and delegate for Research, Institutional Relations with the Territory and Third Mission, head of the ABITAlab center, was invited to the Venice Biennale 2021, as a member of the Advisory Board and with the curatorship of a staff on display, as a contribution to the Italian Pavilion "Resilient Community" curated by prof. Arch. Alessandro Melis, for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition to be held from 22 May to 21 November 2021, curated by architect, teacher and researcher Hashim Sarkis.

The researcher from Mediterranea proposed a contribution on the topics entitled: S2HOME: Digital / Human: “effort” in transition, with reference to research and transfer experiences, also the subject of her latest book. A prestigious and recognized international initiative, an opportunity to present the themes of sustainable innovation and advanced design also pursued with research - the “S2Home” project. The experimental development activity started in 2017 and carried out for the entrepreneur A. De Masi, in its second phase, saw the agreement with the Department of Architecture and Territory, with the presentation of the results in the event of July 29 2019.

The temporary exhibition space that can be visited for a week, with an installation that will instead be permanent in the Pavilion for the entire period of the Biennale, curated by C.Nava with A. De Masi and PMopenlab srls, will propose a day of thematic event of an international nature, cultural and scientific contribution to the principles of the Pavilion proposal, on “climate crisis and resilience”. This co-directed comparison with prof. Mosé Ricci, will see the involvement of researchers and young professionals who collaborated in the research and invited to the scientific board. This event, which will be scheduled among the events of the Exhibition, can be inserted and promoted among the cultural activities of the University and Department.
Further information on the Exhibition project and for the Event will be provided by Prof. C. Nava and will follow according to the communication program of the Italian Pavilion, available for consultation in

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