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GarageErasmus - Join the Accelerator & boost your level of Italian on 22 December

22 dicembre 2022

The + of Erasmus: free training offer for Erasmus students in collaboration with Erasmus+/INDIRE!

Its first session, an online introductory training on Italian language, will be held on 22 December at 4PM: register now! (

garagErasmus Foundation, together with the Italian National Agency Erasmus+/Indire ( , launch THE + OF ERASMUS project ( , a package of virtual services addressed to all incoming & outgoing international students of the academic year 2020/21.

As it is well known, the pandemic context severely restricts mobility in its traditional forms, which can be detrimental to students. THE + of ERASMUS project seeks to revert the current situation by offering them training and information opportunities, such as...

- LEARNING GARAGE: insights into the new world of work, led by professionals.
- TALENTS MATCH: one-to-one online meetings with international companies that have open job or internship positions.
- ACCELERATOR: online courses on Italian language, culture and history, run by the Dante Alighieri Italian Language School from Recanati. (

All these activities will be completely for free, and will be carried out until the end of the academic year, until June 2021.

Join the Introductory Session of the Accelerator on 22 December!

The first appointment is with the Accelerator: its introductory session will be held next Tuesday 22 December at 4PM. Registrations will close on 20 December. You can register through this form ( .

Here is a preview of the programme for this first session, which will be powered by the Dante Aligheri Italian Language School of Recanati ( . All the remaining sessions will also follow the same structure, which always includes a first, strictly pedagogical part and a second, more informal part on the customs and traditions of Italy:
FIRST BLOCK (1h25min) 15 min break SECOND BLOCK (1h20min)
The basis of the Italian language:
Articles, from simple usages to peculiarities Christmas traditions

Unspoken Italian: gestures An Italian ritual: l’aperitivo

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