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Francesco Buccafurri in the Cybersecurity Commission

Prof. Francesco Buccafurri is among the five experts of the National Commission appointed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research for the definition of the Programma nazionale per la ricerca (PNR) for the period 2021-2027, thematic configuration "Cybersecurity".

The Programma nazionale per la ricerca is the document that guides research policy in Italy.
It identifies priorities, objectives and actions aimed at supporting the coherence, efficiency and effectiveness of the national research system and contains guidelines at national level.

  • guarantees consistency in research activities
  • avoids redundancies and waste caused by uncoordinated planning
  • it provides a temporal, financial and planning plan for all public actors
  • it avoids the dispersion of resources in too many directions and instead concentrates them in the areas of greatest interest, while guaranteeing the necessary support for basic, free and essential research.
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