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The wishes of the Department of Agriculture to its graduates

Dear New Graduates,
in these years of study and university commitment, you have repeatedly imagined the day of the thesis discussion as unique and unforgettable. Surrounded by family, friends, colleagues as it is right that it is to achieve a well-deserved goal, in joy and joy.
The emergency that our country and our planet are experiencing has not been able to break your expectations and your projects, it has only changed the way it is done. Although therefore with a few days late compared to the scheduled time, in fiveteen, in these two days, you have completed the academic course diligently followed, taking the final exam in an "atypical", "unprecedented" and "unexpected" way, but you have been equally skilled, clear, complete.
Even for us, who have seen you grow within our university community, the moment of discussion and proclamation, albeit distant, was full of significance. And we are sure that the "extraordinary" way in which you have achieved the Degree has not separated the looks and stopped the words that your parents, relatives and friends have given you, albeit distant but, it is appropriate to say , never so close.
New Agronomists, Forestry Doctors, Food Technologists, the understanding and the composed collaboration that you have ensured in this particular and dramatic situation makes you even more, if possible, Professionals and masters of tomorrow, young Women and Men worthy and proud to live in our Italy. Never as in this moment our disciplinary field is revealing its extraordinary importance for the whole of humanity. So cheer up, for your success, the Department of Agriculture of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria is proud of you!

“Allora la luna nuova avrà spazzato la pioggia, ed essi scenderanno in paese dove stanno le case di muro, grevi delle chiacchiere e dei sospiri delle donne. Il paese è caldo e denso più di una mandra”. Corrado Alvaro, Gente in Aspromonte, 1930.

“Then the new moon will have swept the rain, and they will go down to the village where the wall houses are, heavy with the chatter and sighs of the women. The country is hot and dense more than a herd ". Corrado Alvaro, Gente in Aspromonte, 1930.

Prof. Giuseppe Zimbalatti
Director of the Agricultural Department

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