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Online Services and Student-Point

Students can perform on-line all procedures related to their enrolment directly on the website: For information and assistance regarding online procedures students can turn to the Student Point, at Lot D in the University Campus, a service equipped with computer stations with Internet access.

Wireless Mediterranea

The entire university has wireless broadband coverage, which allows teachers, students, staff and accredited guests’ access to Internet services and web surfing. To access the system simply use the e-mail credentials or institutional credentials specifically provided by IT service.


The Università Mediterranea houses libraries and reference work can be carried out using the system “Unique Catalogue on line”. This system enables students to research the bibliographic material and publications in possess of the University libraries and expands the information services offered to the academic community (students, teachers, staff) as well as to external users. It also facilitates access to the wealth of publications and reviews, which specialise in the scientific disciplines studied at the courses offered by the University Mediterranea. Reference work can be done from any location connected to the Internet and allows the localization of documents in real time. In addition OPAC offers a range of additional services, which allow an on-line checking on the availability of a publication, the storing of one’s own research and checking the current loans available. This system also suggests the books that could be useful for students to buy.

Mult imedia Laborator y for Architecture Area

The Multimedia Lab consists of two classrooms, each equipped with 20 workstations supplied with personal computers with S. O. Windows and 17” monitors. The stations in each classroom are networked . Both classrooms are equipped with a system of network teaching (Teachnet) that allows the teacher, during the lesson, to send operations carried out by him/her to students’ monitors and, at the same time, to monitor each location. The laboratory is equipped with: laser printers b/w and colour, A4 and A3 inkjet printer ink in colour, size A2, three inkjet plotter, size 36 “ and 42” for printing vector type and raster, 3D printer, cutting plotter, scanner A3; multimedia whiteboards.

The classrooms are qualified ECDL Test Centre
The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is a certification recognized at European level attesting to the ability to use computers in standard applications, both independently and in network for the design, creation and representation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional parametric models . In 2011 the accreditation process of the Multimedia Laboratory as a classroom ECDL Test Centre Cad 2D and 3D CAD was completed. The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is a certification recognized at European level which attests to the ability to use the computer in standard applications, both independently and in the network, for the design, creation and representation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional parametric models. The certifications Cad 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) respectively claim expertise in twodimensional and three-dimensional drawing in space with the help of computer-aided design software.

I.T. Laborator y for Engineering Area

There are two computer rooms: Room A, with 30 workstations and the Room B, equipped with 20 workstations. Each classroom has a teacher station (with PC, LCD monitor and microphone), 20 or 30 student workstations (PC and LCD monitor), projector, network printer, access to Internet and a multimedia interactive whiteboard size (70 inches) for teaching support. The PCs are Intel Dual Core P4 with at least 2 GB Ram with Windows 7 Professional operating system installed with Office 2010 Professional, Acrobat Reader, Octave and specific software for teaching.

Italian language courses

The Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria provides foreign students’ with the opportunity to learn the Italian language through an agreement with the University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri”, which provides language courses enabling the acquisition of certification at different levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Salita Melissari - 89124 Reggio Calabria - CF 80006510806 - Fax 0965 332201 - URP:Indirizzo di posta elettronica dell'ufficio relazioni con il pubblico- PEC:Indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata dell'amministrazione
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