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05-03-2021 UniRC| Progetto “The Blue Growth Farm”. Experimental Campaign at the NOEL Laboratory of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
04-03-2021 UniRC| Progetto “The Blue Growth Farm”. Experimental Campaign at the NOEL Laboratory of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
02-03-2021 Press release of the Co.R.U.C. on measures to combat and contain the infection from Covid-19
02-03-2021 Toscanini graphic competition
02-03-2021 Competition of ideas for students of Architecture - Department of Art: “La porta dell’accoglienza”
26-02-2021 March 2, 2021 - Seminar: "School educates talent: the right to education and social development" - “La scuola educa il talento: diritto all’istruzione e sviluppo sociale”
25-02-2021 "The + of Erasmus" initiatives organized by the Erasmus + / INDIRE National Agency and the garagErasmus Foundation
25-02-2021 3 March 2021 - GaragErasmus & INDIRE Talents Match
26-02-2021 Professional internships - From desks to construction sites: Ance Catania agreement and Reggio Calabria University of Mediterranean Studies
24-02-2021 "Domenico de Caridi" Study Award 2021 - Lions Club Reggio Calabria Host
22-02-2021 February 25 STEM GIRLS - A day of hiring dedicated to female talent
19-02-2021 PAU_ Cycle of in-depth seminars "Obiettivo borghi. Punti di vista e riflessioni a latere""Objective villages. Points of view and side reflections"
18-02-2021 4 March- Lavoro Chiama Italia
16-02-2021 22- 26 February 2021: Digital Recruiting Week for STEM
15-02-2021 The new Higher Education courses of Di.GI.ES
12-02-2021 February 18 Virtual Job Meeting - Recruitment of students and engineering graduates
11-02-2021 garagErasmus Learning Garage - The keys to success in the job market
11-02-2021 Career day Lavoro Chiama Italia
10-02-2021 “Domenico De Caridi” study award 2021
09-02-2021 AgrariaUniRC | 2nd cycle of Open Lessons of Plant Biology with Prof. Ricardo QUINTO-CANAS
08-02-2021 AgrariaUniRC|Hackathon Rural4Università2020
05-02-2021 Call for scholarships for the internship program "Leaders for Future"
05-02-2021 Summer Schools - University of Angers (FRANCE) – June/July 2021
05-02-2021 February 8 - Seminar : Metamorfosi della cittadinanza e traiettorie per l’insegnamento dell’educazione civica (Metamorphosis of citizenship and trajectories for teaching civic education)
04-02-2021 Web of Science Book Citation Index – Trial
01-02-2021 Cycle of open seminars on the themes of the Agenda 2030 - Strategia Nazionale dello Sviluppo Sostenibile- National Sustainable Development Strategy
01-02-2021 Graduation Day at DIGIES of the 28 January 2021
29-01-2021 Notification of the extension of the deadlines for the submission of applications to participate - Professional training course for the achievement of qualifications in the field of digital skills
28-01-2021 Advanced Training Course in management of public facilities and organization of sporting events - "Gestione degli impianti pubblici ed organizzazione delle manifestazioni sportive"
27-01-2021 Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation- Percorso per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento (PCTO) on line
26-01-2021 AgrariaUniRC January 29 delivery of the tablet for free
25-01-2021 Application submission for curricular internship (C.d.S. in Economics LM-56) - Exp. 25/01/2021
22-01-2021 Notice of selection of students for the attainment of the professional qualification of:: Tecnico della programmazione e dello sviluppo dei programmi informatici (Developer). II Edizione
21-01-2021 Prof. Marina Mancini appointed Italian member of COST Action CA18228 "Global Atrocity Justice Constellations"
20-01-2021 Prof. Francesco Mauriello elected to the National Executive Council of the Interdivisional Group of Catalysis of the Italian Chemical Society
19-01-2021 January 22, 2021 from 9 to 13 will be held the seminar "Designing and Financing Research" - "Progettare e Finanziare la Ricerca"
18-01-2021 D.R. n. 10 of January 15, 2021 in application of the DPCM January 14, 2021
15-01-2021 Università Mediterranea awarded the ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2021-2027 - Quality certificate
14-01-2021 AgrariaUniRC resumes delivery of the tablet for free
14-01-2021 Round table The returns of Hamlet "I ritorni di Amleto" - January 29, 2021, 4.00 pm
12-01-2021 The + of Erasmus
12-01-2021 Institutions of Mathematics - Simulations of the remote examination method
12-01-2021 Decisions_LAB for COVID-19: the first published scientific results
12-01-2021 Communication for students wishing to attend the tests relating to the curricular exams for the winter session 2021
11-01-2021 G7 and G20 Youth Summit: Young Ambassadors Society is selecting the Italian Delegates for the Y7 and Y20 Summits.
11-01-2021 Prof. Mancini appointed Italian Member of the Management Committee COST ACTION 18228
11-01-2021 Online English Lessons, by levels
11-01-2021 Prof. Consuelo Nava invited to the 2021 Venice Biennale
08-01-2021 AgrariaUniRC | Initial Preparation Assessment Test of 12 January 2021
08-01-2021 Francesca Moraci si racconta: la carriera accademica e professionale, l’impegno per le donne, la passione per il cambiamento e la valorizzazione del talento.
08-01-2021 Mediterranea Job Orientation Services
23-12-2020 22 December - Extraordinary measures in terms of agile work and organization of offices and services
22-12-2020 Università Mediterranea in the elite of world research
18-12-2020 GarageErasmus - Join the Accelerator & boost your level of Italian on 22 December
18-12-2020 Important information for British students in Italian universities - British Embassy in Rome - Importanti informazioni per gli studenti britannici nelle università Italiane - Ambasciata Britannica di Roma
14-12-2020 Seminar: data science-driven digital transformation of Food Safety
14-12-2020 The first issue of the “Space Newsletter”
11-12-2020 Circular letter from the General Director prot. n. 12761 of 05.12.2020
10-12-2020 Final rankings Scholarships years after the first Covid 19 "Mediterranea Accademia Conservatorio Mediatori" a.a. 2020/21
10-12-2020 Calendar of Graduation days - Degree in Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale e Industriale of the December 16. 2020 - Department DICEAM
10-12-2020 Presentation of the University Network for Peace - 10 December 2020 at 15:00
09-12-2020 Cycle of open seminars on the themes of the 2030 Agenda - National Sustainable Development Strategy
09-12-2020 The December 2020 graduation session at Agraria Department will be divided into 2 days: 11 and 14 December 2020
07-12-2020 Coronavirus - D.R. n. 368 del 4.12.2020
02-12-2020 Researchers' Night 2020
01-12-2020 First year students of the PAU Department - Continuation of tablet delivery
30-11-2020 NEW PATHS OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Webinar on ZOOM platform - November 30, 2020
30-11-2020 AgrariaUniRC| Graduation day postponed to December 11, 2020
26-11-2020 ISTEN - UE Project
25-11-2020 University Library System - Consultation and loan service by reservation
24-11-2020 December 2, 2020 - Programme Info sessions: Masaryk University
24-11-2020 Coronavirus - November 21, 2020 - Circular of the General Director - Prot. n. 11956
23-11-2020 United Against Violence Against Women
23-11-2020 Coronavirus: Rectoral Decree - D.R. n. 347 del 21.11.2020
19-11-2020 United Nations - call JPO Program 2020/2021
18-11-2020 Lectio magistralis by Dr. Ottavio Sferlazza - World day against gender violence - 25 November 2020 at 11.00
17-11-2020 AgrariaUniRC effettuata consegna dei tablet | Foto e Video|
17-11-2020 Tablet delivery to the freshmen of the Engineering Area
13-11-2020 NEW Virtual Fair 2020 - Career day on line - Update
11-11-2020 Biblio Informa | Loan and consultation services by reservation - Agraria Library
10-11-2020 Seminar "Education and social hardship at the time of Covid-19" - Chair of Social Pedagogy (CdS in Primary Education Sciences) - 11 November 2020
09-11-2020 Extraordinary measures in terms of smart working and organization of offices and services
06-11-2020 D.R. n. 332 of the 5.11.2020 - Coronavirus
06-11-2020 Extraordinary measures in implementation of the DPCM 03.11.2020 - Coronavirus
06-11-2020 Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 4 November 2020 - Coronavirus
05-11-2020 3 November 2020 - Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 3 November 2020
05-11-2020 D.R. n. 330 - the D.R. n. 330 of 4 November 2020 - Provisions for the admission exams to the XXXVI cycle of PhD courses and access to the Specialization courses for didactic support activities
05-11-2020 PAU_CdL Scienze dell'Architettura_Seminars for CFU within F
04-11-2020 Welcome tablet for new students
04-11-2020 Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria has adopted the "Gender Equality Plan" for the three-year period 2021-2023
27-10-2020 The linguistic certificate. Your tutor
26-10-2020 Further extension of the deadline for enrollment and enrollment in a.y. 2020/2021
26-10-2020 D.R. n. 298 of the 25.10.2020 - Coronavirus
26-10-2020 Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 24 October 2020 - Coronavirus
26-10-2020 Ordinance P.G.R. n. 79 of 23 October 2020 and a note of supplementary clarifications regarding the Calabrian universities - Coronavirus
26-10-2020 Further extension of the deadline for enrollment and enrollment in a.y. 2020/2021
23-10-2020 PAU_ Graduation session of 29 October 2020_Calendar and Commissions
21-10-2020 Call for selection of the "Alessandro Pavesi" scholarship on human rights for the academic year 2021-22
20-10-2020 Graduation sessions DIGiES DEPARTMENT of 21,22 and 23 October 2020
19-10-2020 Springer Italian Ebook Collection - Trial
19-10-2020 UniVerso lo Spazio
16-10-2020 Next – Futuro Sud // The first call4project for the South is now open to students!
15-10-2020 Diversity Matters@ McKinsey
14-10-2020 The professor. Francesco Manganaro appointed president of the Italian Association of Professors of Administrative Law (AIPDA)
13-10-2020 Huawei DigitALL event - student invitation
12-10-2020 Lessons announcement from 12 October
09-10-2020 Remote access via IDEM to electronic resources
09-10-2020 Graduation Session Calendar October 2020 - DIIES Information Area
08-10-2020 DIGIES LIBRARY ACTIVITIES FROM 05 October 2020 TO 26 October 2020
07-10-2020 Progetto GEECCO – Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria adopted the Gender Equality Plan
06-10-2020 Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria in the Top-10 of CyberChallenge.IT, the national competition of Italian ethical hackers
05-10-2020 "International dialogue about good sustainability practices", 6 October 2020, 4th Event, of "La Mediterranea ed il Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile"
05-10-2020 The students of the Università Mediterranea have access to the free shuttle service
02-10-2020 Ingegneria Industriale - Academic Meetings A.A. 2020/2021
01-10-2020 21-22 and 23 October 2020 - Graduation sessions in presence
30-09-2020 Extension of the deadline for enrollment and enrollment in study courses a.y. 2020/2021
29-09-2020 NOTICE TO USERS - Department DIGIES offices closed and educational activities suspended - 29 September and 1 October 2020
28-09-2020 Lessons start 1st semester - students enrolled in the 1st year of the Master's Degree Course in Scienze della formazione primaria
25-09-2020 Huawei Seeds for the future 2020 - activities for students
24-09-2020 Sportello Informativo Personalizzato di Ateneo (SIPA)
22-09-2020 The Mediterranea and Sustainable Development: theory and good practices
22-09-2020 Department PAU_ Restart of teaching activities
21-09-2020 NOTICE TO USERS - Department DI.Gi.ES. OFFICE CLOSURE- September 22, 2020
18-09-2020 Agraria UniRC IN PRESENCE | Lessons Exams Services|
18-09-2020 Front & back office notice Didactic Secretariat Information Area_DIIES
17-09-2020 September exams notice
16-09-2020 Guidelines and safety protocol for the resumption of activities
14-09-2020 Start of first semester lessons for the first year of the three-year degree courses belonging to the DICEAM department
11-09-2020 New degree course in Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile
10-09-2020 Holy Marian Holidays - Patron Saint Closing 2020
10-09-2020 Notice - How to restart activities
09-09-2020 OPEN GREEN - 16 September: Paolo Mori and “Le Foreste in Magazine” at the Agricultural Library
08-09-2020 Zeroing course in Mathematics for Economics
07-09-2020 Rectoral decree: suspension of activities in presence/on site until September 14, 2020
04-09-2020 EdS I 2020_ARCH_Results september 2, 2020
03-09-2020 EdS I 2020_ARCH_ Results 1 September 2020
02-09-2020 2020 Huawei University Challenge - Initiative for the students
02-09-2020 Notice for students wishing to attend the tests relating to the exams for the autumn session a.y. 2019/2020
01-09-2020 Notice : Plans of studies_ DIIES Students
31-08-2020 Notice to the whole Università Mediterranea community
28-08-2020 EdS I 2020_Architecture Commission_Replacement Effective member
28-08-2020 European Young Chemist Award: silver medal for Emilia Paone
27-08-2020 The death of Nik Spatari
26-08-2020 Invitalia on Campus
25-08-2020 Science of Primary Education: the Italian Ministry of University and Research assigns a further 93 posts to Università Mediterranea
24-08-2020 Update to the provisions on "smart working"
24-08-2020 Rectoral decree: suspension of activities in presence/on site until September 4, 2020
31-07-2020 UNIVERSITY CLOSES IN SUMMER: from 3 to 21 August 2020 - Important for Pre-enrollment
30-07-2020 EdS I 2020_ING_Outcomes July 29, 2020
29-07-2020 Graduation Days - Online on Youtube Channel
29-07-2020 Scientific Call : Kerit-LC Edizioni
29-07-2020 At the top of the ranking Censis 2020
28-07-2020 Agriculture. Webnair SUSTANZEB project
27-07-2020 #studyinitaly #shapingthefuture - Study in Italy: rooted in the past, shaping the future
24-07-2020 At the top of the ranking Censis 2020
20-07-2020 Notice - Final list of undergraduates in the distance degree session - DiGiES Department - 22 - 23 July 2020.
23-07-2020 EdS I 2020_ARCH_Outcomes July 17, 2020
22-07-2020 EdS I 2020_AGR_Outcomes July 17, 2020
21-07-2020 EdS I 2020_ING_Outcomes July 17, 2020
17-07-2020 At the top of the ranking Censis 2020
17-07-2020 EdS I 2020_ARCH_Outcomes July 16, 2020
17-07-2020 EdS I 2020_Outcomes of July 16, 2020
17-07-2020 Bacheca lavoro/stage Job Placement
16-07-2020 UNIVERSITY CLOSES IN SUMMER: from 3 to 21 August 2020
16-07-2020 Notice for information request on training offer and guided visits to the Agraria Department.
16-07-2020 Commission of Graduation Day in Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale e Industriale July 21, 2020 - Department DICEAM
16-07-2020 Specialization course in education support - DAD July and September Calendar and Guide Access to Microsoft Teams platform
15-07-2020 List of undergraduates at online degree session - DiGiES Department - 22 - 23 July 2020.
15-07-2020 Calendar Graduation day in Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale e Industriale July 21, 2020 - Department DICEAM
14-07-2020 PAU_ Graduation day July 20, 2020
14-07-2020 Agraria. Graduation sessions on 24 July and 27 July 2020
14-07-2020 Calendar of Graduation Day - July 2020- Area Informazione DIIES
14-07-2020 Graduation Day - July 2020- Area Informazione DIIES
13-07-2020 EdS I 2020_Architettura_Indications for the test and exam calendar.
13-07-2020 CUG: Report on the situation of the University staff
10-07-2020 BILA Award 2020
09-07-2020 EdS I 2020_Commercialista ed Esperto Contabile_Indications for the operating methods test and exam calendar.
09-07-2020 EdS I 2020_Agraria_Indications of operating methods test and exam calendar.
09-07-2020 EdS I 2020_Ingegneria_Sez. A and B_Meeting on Teams with the President of the Commission
08-07-2020 Exams- SECOND SESSION - July 2020
07-07-2020 garagErasmus Foundatio: Italy for tomorrow - News and activities - July 2020
07-07-2020 Primary Education Sciences - Academic Year 2020-2021
06-07-2020 Admission Test for degree in Medicina e Chirurgia e Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria, academic year 2020/2021
03-07-2020 Your 5x1000 to the students of the Università Mediterranea
03-07-2020 Your 5x1000 to the students of the Università Mediterranea
03-07-2020 2020 Job Placement - MONSTER slide webinar May/June 2020
02-07-2020 PhD School | Webinar entitled "Horizon Europe: how to write a competitive research proposal"
30-06-2020 EdS I 2020_Architettura_List admitted
29-06-2020 Notice of suitable lessons for previous cycles - Specialization support courses for pupils with disabilities
29-06-2020 Giorgio Fazari Scholarship awarded
26-06-2020 Discussion of final traineeship reports - DICEAM _ 01.07.2020
25-06-2020 Free Webinar Monster - Job Placement
24-06-2020 Submission of applications for curricular training internship (C.d.S. in Economic Sciences L-33) - Deadline 07/07/2020
24-06-2020 Submission of applications for curricular internship (C.d.S. in Economics LM-56) - Deadline 07/07/2020
23-06-2020 GoDaddy School of Digital
23-06-2020 Junior Consultant - UMANA
23-06-2020 D.R. 190/2020 Correction of requirements - Bando sostegno
23-06-2020 Scholarship opportunities for summer - Business Courses in California
23-06-2020 Debate on the impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis on Digital Transformation and the Future of Work.
22-06-2020 Engineering- University Courses 2020-2021
22-06-2020 DiGiES - University Courses 2020-2021
22-06-2020 Architecture- University Courses 2020-2021
22-06-2020 Agriculture - University Courses 2020-2021
22-06-2020 The Exams of 22 and 23 June 2020 have been postponed+ 24 CFU Courses
19-06-2020 The University close to you
18-06-2020 Exams of the June 22, 2020 - Timetable
18-06-2020 Valeria Solesin Award
17-06-2020 The University close to you
17-06-2020 The University close to you
17-06-2020 Specialization School Legal professions - Civil area verification 2nd year - 17 June 2020
16-06-2020 Seminars of Prof. Salvatore Bosa - 19 and 26 June - DiGiES Department
16-06-2020 June 18 2020 - Elsa Fornero: What welfare for the future?
15-06-2020 Rectoral decree: suspension of activities in presence/on site until July 31, 2020
15-06-2020 NOTICE: Deadline extension, DAD and previous service
12-06-2020 European Citizen's Prize 2020
12-06-2020 June 15 Webinar Living the territory. Strategies and projects for the villages of the Metropolitan City
12-06-2020 Angelo Merlino is the new president of the Madonie Park. Interview
12-06-2020 The IMBOSCHIAMOCI 2020 initiative successfully concluded, carried out in collaboration between the Agricultural Department and the Aspromonte Park
12-06-2020 Contest: Your Erasmus with ESN 2020
11-06-2020 Third Mission: Solidarity for the GOM
11-06-2020 June 23, 2020 Virtual Coffee for the International Women's Day Engineer
10-06-2020 XIV edition of the Scholarship Anasf "Ivo Taddei"
10-06-2020 June 12 UniSport Sport's virtual coffees meets innovation
10-06-2020 PeF 24 Exam Reservations a.a. 2019/2020 First Session
09-06-2020 The professor. Schicchi at the Agricultural Library: "Monumental trees are the best connoisseurs of our landscapes".
09-06-2020 June 9 - Attendiamoci: Live with Stefano Zamagni
08-06-2020 Final ranking Degree Awards a.y. 2018/2019
08-06-2020 Course of Cardio-Fitness - online
08-06-2020 ENGLISH - PET / FCE in December 2020
08-06-2020 New three-year degree course in Civil and Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development
08-06-2020 CISCO Laboratory Course - Department DIIES
05-06-2020 2020 Job Placement - ELIS - The project Junior Consulting
05-06-2020 Job Placement notice board / Internship Job Placement
05-06-2020 We are the Earth - song contest
05-06-2020 Notice for trainees assisting the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Juvenile Court of Ancona
04-06-2020 Scholarship to study abroad in Vietnam
04-06-2020 June 5 UniSport virtual coffees E-learning and training
03-06-2020 Certificate request form for non-existence of outstanding Area-dArTe Library
03-06-2020 June 10 Webinar: The complexity of "deciding" at the time of COVID-19
03-06-2020 Specialization School Legal Professions -Calendar of intermediate test I and II year - month of June
01-06-2020 Agriculture. The Initial Preparation Assessment Test during the COVID-19 Emergency
01-06-2020 Agricultural Library | Seminar with Prof. Schicchi on "Monumental trees"
01-06-2020 Notice for students who want to attend the tests related to the profit exams curricular summer session a.y. 2019-2020
29-05-2020 The Italian agri-food industry beyond COVID-19 (SIEA)
29-05-2020 Recruiting Day Web Edition ALLEANZA - Job Placement
29-05-2020 Order of Engineers Reggio Calabria_Seminars for State Exam Preparation
29-05-2020 June 08 Webinar: "Explainability, Intepretability and Sensitivity Analysis" with Prof. Emanuele Borgonovo - Bocconi University
29-05-2020 Trees will save our cities: report of Prof. Sanesi's seminar for the Agricultural Library
28-05-2020 May 30-31 : "The Accelerator: your Italian weekend"
28-05-2020 May 29 - Spin Off exibition
27-05-2020 Important scientific-editorial success for the DICEAM Chemistry laboratory
26-05-2020 May 27 - Presentation of the book Artificial intelligence Science fiction saga or scientific reality? by Domenico Marino
26-05-2020 INPS President Prof. Pasquale Tridico hosted by Di.Gi.ES with the webinar: "Socio-economic policies for the emergency COVID-19"
25-05-2020 NMP2020 - New Metropolitan Perspectives - International Symposium
22-05-2020 29 May Telematic Seminar with IIS "Mancini - Tommasi" of Cosenza
22-05-2020 Hide to study (online) 2020 - The exercises of the students of forest and environmental sciences are starting
22-05-2020 Seminars - Order of Engineers of the Province of Reggio Calabria
22-05-2020 Graduation online - session calendar - DICEAM Department
22-05-2020 Universities after the lock down. The Rectors of the Calabrian universities compared
21-05-2020 Nexis Uni and Total Patent One - Trial databases
21-05-2020 May 30 Webinar: The Integrated Strait Area and the post-Covid relaunch
20-05-2020 OPEN GREEN opens on May 26th. Seminar series of the Agricultural Library
20-05-2020 DICEAM Graduation day - Online
20-05-2020 Erasmus + and Covid-19 emergency activities: new provisions by the European Commission
20-05-2020 ITALIAN - Exercises, resources and videos - 1st step
20-05-2020 ENGLISH - Exercises, resources and videos 1
19-05-2020 Submission of requests for type F training activities - Degree course in Architectural Sciences L17 Degree course in Architecture Restoration LM4 - deadline June 3, 2020
19-05-2020 Common strategy of the Calabrian universities for Phase 2 of the health emergency
19-05-2020 Digital Recruiting Week nella Milano Digital Week
19-05-2020 May 28 Webinar: "The impact of the Corona Virus on Italian public debt"
18-05-2020 Rectoral decree: suspension of activities in presence/on site until 14 June
15-05-2020 Design: new course of studies of the PAU Department for the academic year 2020-21 *
15-05-2020 Junior Consulting -Presentation
15-05-2020 Agriculture. The COVID-19 Emergency Initial Preparation Assessment Test
15-05-2020 French Government Fellowships - Double Degree Master's Degree and Thesis
15-05-2020 Choose Forest and Environmental Sciences
14-05-2020 May 21, I study UNIRC - Open day
14-05-2020 Transfers during the academic year 2019-2020
14-05-2020 May 14, Patents in exposition- Facebook webinar
14-05-2020 Palmi Court (Tribunale di Palmi) Internship: extension of online activities
12-05-2020 Webinar del ciclo Monster University Tour
12-05-2020 Order of Architects Reggio Calabria_State Exam Preparation Course
11-05-2020 Seminar Course in Radio Mobile Networks - DIIES Department
11-05-2020 Department of Agriculture. Recognition of the D.O.P. for the 'Caper of the Aeolian Islands DOP'.
11-05-2020 Transfers during the current academic year. 2019-2020
08-05-2020 Cybersecurity: excellent employment prospects for DIIES graduates.
08-05-2020 Marino/Monaca Economic and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence
07-05-2020 May 8, Giulio Tremonti: oil - trillion - bats
07-05-2020 Department of Agriculture. It is called Emporia Gin, it is the gin of Calabria born with the scientific collaboration of the FOCUSS LAB of Prof. Mariateresa Russo
07-05-2020 Summer school : Masaryk University
07-05-2020 garagErasmus, Virtual debates "Erasmus, Quo Vadis?", May 9
06-05-2020 Didactic and curricular activities provided online - Coronavirus Emergency
06-05-2020 State exam test procedure session 2020
05-05-2020 Graduation days online
05-05-2020 Pastorale Universitaria "Live with..." , In diretta con....
05-05-2020 300 years from the birth of Giovanni Battista Piranesi
05-05-2020 “Il giorno dopo”: instant book to look at postpandemia (with a contribution from Salvatore Di Fazio)
05-05-2020 Go Connect - Cycle of educational and didactic seminars
04-05-2020 Rectoral Decree: suspension of activities face to face/on site until May 17, 2020
30-04-2020 Digital Recruiting Week! Free event for university students from all over Italy
30-04-2020 Seminars, CV and consultancy interviews for graduates or undergraduates
30-04-2020 Department DICEAM - Curricular internships - Methods for submitting the online application for admission to the internship activities and for submitting the final report
29-04-2020 The qualified tutoring service continues at a distance
29-04-2020 Francesco Buccafurri in the Cybersecurity Commission
29-04-2020 NOTICE - postponement of the pre-selection tests TFA-Support A.Y. 2019/2020 (V cycle)
29-04-2020 Internship - Court of Reggio Calabria
28-04-2020 "The Law at the time of Coronavirus" - seminars Department DiGiES - April 29 and may 4
28-04-2020 State Exams I session 2020 - Deferment of exam dates and enrollment deadline
28-04-2020 April 30 Patents in exposition - webinar Facebook "Brevetti in mostra"
27-04-2020 Carlo Cottarelli: Global Economy at the time of COVID-19 - Web conference
27-04-2020 April 28: S2-Home - Seminar - towards the prototype with A. De Masi and the dArTe team
27-04-2020 Specialization school for the legal professions - Calendar of intermediate tests I and II year - month of May
27-04-2020 Extension of the 2nd installment of taxes to 29 May
27-04-2020 500 years after Raffaello death
27-04-2020 E-Talent Talks - Motor Valley Fest Digital - Registration students and graduates
24-04-2020 Orientation day for Information Engineering students - 29 April 2020
23-04-2020 Antonia Russo, PhD student DIIES, at the lead of Space & Cybersecurity Project Group
23-04-2020 Coronavirus: Information page
23-04-2020 Antonia Russo, PhD student DIIES, at the lead of Space & Cybersecurity Project Group
23-04-2020 Biblio Informa| Additional electronic resources during the Covid-19 emergency
23-04-2020 Lessons calendar month of may 2020
22-04-2020 Agricolture - Plants: essential organisms for the life of Carmelo Maria Musarella
22-04-2020 Architecture award "Premio Simonetta Bastelli"
21-04-2020 April 23 Online seminar by Professor Consuelo Nava "Rigenerare a Sud, Rigenerare il Sud"
20-04-2020 Spanish courses for foreigners - Instituto Caro y Cuervo -ICC
20-04-2020 Optoelectronics course - DIIES Department
20-04-2020 Free access to magazines of the Tecniche Nuove group: Biblio Informa|Solidarietà Digitale
17-04-2020 PhD in Law and Economics - Department DiGiES
17-04-2020 Internship at Tribunale of Palmi (Court of Palmi)
16-04-2020 Series of free webinar from GiGroup
15-04-2020 Prof. Massimiliano Ferrara appointed Italian delegate in the European Mathematical Society
14-04-2020 Rectoral Decree: extension of suspension of activities face to face/on site until May 3, 2020
09-04-2020 Graduation Days - Online
09-04-2020 SSPL Guidelines Update
07-04-2020 Covid-19 anti-contagion security protocol
06-04-2020 Evaluation of on-line teaching -Scheda OpiS.
06-04-2020 Didactics at the time of Covid-19 in the Diceam Department
06-04-2020 Rectoral decree: extension of suspension of activities face to face/on site
30-03-2020 Covid-19 Emergency - Essential practical advice on Erasmus + mobility and the European Solidarity Corps.
27-03-2020 The libraries of the Mediterranea always at the click of a mouse
27-03-2020 Smart working mode - University services
27-03-2020 Giovanni Allegro: first online graduate (video)
27-03-2020 Notice Exams for the achievement of the PhD title
23-03-2020 Mediterranea, always in action
23-03-2020 Mediterranea in action. Donation of a pulmonary ventilator to the Hospital - Grande Ospedale Metropolitano - Reggio Calabria
23-03-2020 Extension of the deadline -Enrollment tax to April 30th
16-03-2020 Didactic and curricular activities provided at a distance - Coronavirus Emergency
16-03-2020 March 13 Rectoral decree on the activities during the Covid emergency
16-03-2020 Telematic competition procedures regulation
16-03-2020 Smart working provisions
11-03-2020 March 11 Didactic and curricular activities provided remotely
11-03-2020 CoronaVirus Emergency - Message from the Rector to the academic community
26-07-2019 Mediterranea University
28-06-2019 Caianiello Award for Artificial Intelligence 2019
13-06-2019 The University changes its address
05-02-2019 Job Placement:Training workshops for students, undergraduates and graduates of the Università Mediterranea
29-01-2019 Scholarship Program for Georgian students
21-12-2018 Erasmus Programme.......
14-12-2018 Scienze della Formazione primaria ( Primary Education Sciences) - 2 admissions grading/ranking positions
13-12-2018 Press conference for Master DiGIES-INPS 2018/2019
13-12-2018 December 13 Master presentation DiGIES-INPS 2018/2019
06-12-2018 11 December Samo: The villages of Parco dell'Aspromonte, widespread culture and future of the Città Metropolitana
03-12-2018 Java Talent Camp
03-12-2018 MUSA in Venice - Biennale Architettura 2018
03-12-2018 3 December "A time for you" - University Chapel *
29-11-2018 Services
15-11-2018 Your App for all University Student Services : Gomp mobile App
13-11-2018 University Medical Practice - Schedule a.y. 2019/2020
09-11-2018 Healt University Practice - Schedule a.y. 2019/2020
09-11-2018 Santo Marcello Zimbone, is the new Rector of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea
09-11-2018 Choose Italy, Choose Reggio Calabria
31-10-2018 29/8-1/9 Convegno internazionale sulla cybersecurity (ITA/ENG)
09-06-2014 Erasmus Programme
14-11-2013 Arts slideshow
14-02-2013 Slideshow Ateneo
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