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Barbiana 2.0

Laboratorio Accademico di Coworking in Ingegneria Informatica e Gestionale – Academic Coworking Laboratory in Computer Engineering and Management Engineering

Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, dell'Energia, dell'Ambiente e dei Materiali
Location and Contacts:

c/o sede “Aubay” – Area Ingegneria - Università “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria
Via Graziella, Loc. Feo Di Vito
Tel. 0965-1692235
Fax. 0965-1692220
89122 Reggio Calabria

Area (mq): 70
Rooms: 1
Mail: Mail
Technical Responsible:
Associate Professors: ()
PhD students: Ing. Paolo Lo Giudice

Principal aims

The Academic Coworking Laboratory “Barbiana 2.0” aims at applying the guidelines of the Global Coworking Manifesto to an Academic Laboratory at University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria. In our opinion, this is equivalent to revive, at our times, at the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria and in the Computer Engineering and Management Engineering fields, many of the ideas characterizing the experiment of the Barbiana School of Lorenzo Milani, about fifty years ago.

The guidelines of this laboratory are the following:

  • Making learning, didactic and research experiences more participatory, by assigning a role of protagonists to students.
  • Working very hard with passion and enthusiasm, DELIGHTING and carrying out, besides the studies required by the official plan, further studies concerning advanced research, in collaboration with prestigious both Italian and foreign Universities.
  • In these further activities, betting hard on advanced research about topics useful for work placement (for instance, data integration, social networking, crowdsourcing, User Experience Design, Big Data Analytics, Project Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, etc.).
  • Involving students on research activities and paper writing.
  • Passing from an “unnecessarily competitive” to a strongly cooperative climate. Students help each other, the oldest students teach to the youngest ones and all of them are ready to help a colleague in difficulty. The idea of substituting competition with cooperation does not concern only the group’s internal but also its external. The group aims at creating a cooperative climate with all the other realities of both the University and the territory.
  • And, above all, in the perspective of “I care” of Lorenzo Milani, allowing students born in Reggio Calabria (especially those belonging to poor families) to have the same work and life chances as those who were born in more advanced places or who study in more famous universities or who belong to rich families which can guarantee private and challenging learning experiences to their children. In order to pursue these goals, the possibility to operate in Computer Enginnering and Management Engineering fields and by the Internet are of considerable help.

Research activities

The laboratory carries out theoretical and applied research activities in the following fields:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Analysis of Neurological Diseases
  • Data Integration
  • Mobile Computing
  • Innovation Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Quality Management
  • Social Networking and Internetworking
  • User Experience Design
  • Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms

As for these and other topics, it periodically organizes some seminars where experts of important companies often take part. Furthermore, it organized a study trip at the London Branch of Google and an edition of Google I/O Extended. In addition, it has presented some projects at “Innovation and High Technology Market” (“Borsa dell’Innovazione e dell’Alta Tecnologia - BIAT), it has carried out several research projects and has realized numerous prototypes.

International relationships

  • CREATIS (Centre for Research and Applications in Image and Signal Processing), University of Lyon
  • Aubay
  • London Branch of Google

Smart Specialisation Strategy Calabria (S3 Calabria)

ICT e Terziario Innovativo, Turismo e Cultura.

Research fields

Responsible Keywords ERC Domain
Big Data Analytics PE6_2 - Database management
Mobile Computing, Augmented Reality PE6_5 - Human computer interaction and interface
Analysis of Neurological Diseases LS5_11 - Neurological disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease)
Data Integration PE6_2 - Database management
Social Networking and Internetworking PE6_6 - Informatics and information systems
Project Management, Risk Analysis, Quality Management SH1_3 - Econometrics, statistical methods
SH1_8 - Human resource management, employment and earnings
User Experience Design PE6_5 - Human computer interaction and interface
Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Platforms PE6_6 - Informatics and information systems

Salita Melissari - 89124 Reggio Calabria - CF 80006510806 - Fax 0965 332201 - URP:Indirizzo di posta elettronica dell'ufficio relazioni con il pubblico- PEC:Indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata dell'amministrazione
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