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Research Team for Mediterranean Entrepreneurship and Startups

Department: Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Economia e Scienze Umane
Location and Contacts: c/o Dipartimento DIGIEC
Via Dei Bianchi, 2
89127 Reggio Calabria
Director: Domenico Nicolò
Mail: Mail
Full Professors: Claudio De Capua (ING-INF/07)
Giorgio Fontana (IUS/07)
Attilio Gorassini (IUS/01)
Francesco Manganaro (IUS/10)
Francesco Carlo Morabito (ING-IND/31)
Associate Professors: Philipp Fabbio (IUS/04)
Massimiliano Ferrara (SECS-S/06)
Domenico Nicolò (SECS-P/07)
Maria Nadia Postorino (ICAR/05)
Roberto Siclari (IUS/01)
Mariateresa Russo (CHIM/10)
Corrado Trombetta (ICAR/12)
Domenico Ursino (ING-INF/05)
Researchers: Angela Busacca (IUS/01)
Francesco Calabrò (ICAR/22)
Domenico D'Amico (SECS-P/03)
Lucia Della Spina (ICAR/22)
Domenica Pirilli (IUS/01)
Giuseppe Pizzonia (IUS/12)
Giuseppe Maria Luigi Sarnè (ING-INF/05)
Federica Maria Tescione (IUS/01)
Notes: Comitato Direttivo / Comitato Scientifico: C. De Capua, P. Fabbio, M. Ferrara, A. Gorassini, F.C. Morabito, G. Pizzonia, M.N. Postorino, F.M. Tescione, C. Vermiglio

Principal aims

The Laboratory aims to aggregate researchers from different countries who are interested in studying entrepreneurship and startups.

Research activities

The Principal Issue concerns:

  • New venture creation model and process
  • Funding: tools, methods and stakeholders
  • Business planning
  • Business plan evaluation
  • Risk factors management
  • Business and management control systems
  • Strategic continuous learning
  • Startups development strategies
  • Startups competitive advantage sources
  • Startups social and enviromental sustanibility (CSR)
  • National startups ecosystems: sources of competitive advantage
  • Startups, Smart city initiatives, digital agenda, big data
  • Intellectual property rights and licencing issues
  • Consumers protection law

Proposals of Chapters


A book edited by PhD Professor Domenico NICOLÒ, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (Italy)
To be published by ASERS Publishing in CD-ROM format with ISBN.

The practice applies to startups theories, models and tools developed by the doctrine with regard to the companies which are created to operate in sectors and markets that already exist. This is one of the main causes of the high mortality rate of startups which, by definition, base their business model on innovation sectors and markets (or market segments). It is therefore necessary to develop new theories, models and tools consistent with the characteristics of these firms and the geographical area in which they operate.

The objective is to investigate the operational and structural characteristics of startups and startup ecosystems in the Mediterranean. The two sections include:
  • Development of theoretical models, management models, organization, and control models, which are consistent with the characteristics of companies operating in the Mediterranean Area (section 1).
  • Case studies of startups and startup ecosystems in the Mediterranean Area (section 2).
In so far as possible, the analysis should also include the legal and institutional dimension, and possibily result into legal policy proposals. Legal and institutional issues may be also addressed with separate contributions, provided that these fall into the scope of one (or more) of the subsections listed below.
Each of the following topics (1 to 9) will be developed in chapters.


Section 1 - Theoretical issues for Mediterranean startups
1. Entrepreneur and business startup
2. Planning process and planning models
3. Management control system
4. Strategies (development, competitive, operations, organization)
5. Value chain design / value net
6. Internationalization
7. Funding systems
8. Startups and startup ecosystems interactions with: a) Companies; b) Public sectors / smart cities; c) Univerities, incubators / accelerators; d) Networks / System hierarchy of interoperable enterprise networks - Design of model for advanced manufacturing; e) Environment; f) Stakeholders
9. Law issues:
a) Consumers protection law
b) The copyright and licensing law

Section 2 - Startups and startup ecosystems from different countries of the Mediterranean area
1. South Europe
2. Balkans
3. Africa
4. Middle-East


Important Dates
Chapter proposal submission: 27th of February, 2014.
Acceptance of chapter proposal: 27th of March, 2014.
Chapter first draf tsubmission: 29th June, 2014.
Review process feedback: 15th September, 2014.
Final chapter due: 15th October, 2014.
Publication date: December, 2014.

International relationships

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