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CAT LAB - Economics and Management of cultural environmental and tourist resources

Department: Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Economia e Scienze Umane
Location and Contacts:

Stanza n° 25
Palazzo Zani, Via dei Bianchi 2
89127 Reggio Calabria

Area (mq): 25
Rooms: 1
Director: Michela Mantovani
Mail: Mail
Full Professors: Marco Poiana (AGR/15)
Researchers: Michela Mantovani (SECS-P/03)
PhD graduates: Riccardo Consoli, Dario Mantovani
Other staff: Dott. Alessandro Barulli
Avv: Giuliana Barberi
Dott. Giuseppe Cavallaro
Dott. Vincenzo Castaldi
Avv. Filippo Crocè
Dott. KHAN Daud
Prof. Maurizio di Stefano
Massimo Ficara
Dott. Francesco Greco
Dott. Domenico Guardabascio
Prof. Marc Kocken
Avv. Giuseppe Pizzi
Prof. Filippo Reganati Prof. Ord. di Economia Politica (SECS-P/01) - Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
Prof. Vanni Resta
Ing. Carmelo Salvino
Dott. Alberto Spelda
Prof. Stefano Scoca Prof. Ass. di Diritto Amministrativo (IUS/10)
Dott. Nuccio Schepis
Dott. Antonio Roberto Valdini

Principal aims

The Laboratory aims at deepen the knowledge and the valorisation of “Made in Italy” and “Made in Sus” excellences.

In other terms, the promotion, valorisation and production of goods and services for the internalization’s processes for the Italian enterprises in particular for creative industries sector, cultural or luxury brending i.e.: cultural activities and products, tourism, eno-gastronomy, fashion, cinema/cinema-tourism, renewable energies.

Research activities

  • Scientific research in the field of Horizon 2020: SH1_5 Competitiveness, innovation research and development, SH5_12 – Cultural Memory, intangilbe and Cultural Heritage, SH 5_7 – Museums and exhibition
  • Didactic Assistance in the prof. Mantovani’s topic and for the courses of Industrial Economy, Applied Economy, International fiscal accountability (Scienza delle Finanze) within the Department of Law and Economics , “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria.Plans High Training Courses, Post-Graduate Courses, Degree Courses, seminars, conferences, summer of winter School in convention with other Universities, Italiand and International Research and Cultural Centers too.
  • Promotes development and innovation, brand, Made in Italy and Made in Sud projects. Design or restyle company’s brands with storytelling: a communication techniques which allow to emotionally tell the company’s life-cycles or one of its product and service. The path is empathised trough different media use: images, video, music to promote new products and services. Fundamental strategy to successfully conduct an online business (web & social). For international exhibitions promotion using the innovative techniques of synesthesia and sensory pathways.
  • Enterprise Iternationalisation: specifically corporate strategy management (analysis of export readiness, country analysis, export management, techniques for doing business, evaluation of marketing tools in reference to the targeted Country, feasibility studies and plans to open branches abroad).
  • Elaboration of “Tourism development differential ratioMantovani-Forte, useful to measure the “tourism ability” degree of a local considered district, as a benchmark for other reference areas (Province, Region, Italy).
  • Plans “esperential” courses for touristic/cultural/eno-gastronomy/fashion/sport sectors.
  • Produces territorial development and marketing Projects in particular for sectors:Art/cultural/local tourism,Cinema,Fashion,Agrofood.
  • Provides consultancy for spin-off and start-up public and private Entities.
  • Conducts research, planning and assessments on behalf of third parties. Provides industrial plans (feasibility study, analysis of financial asset administrative effectiveness and efficiency of the projects).
  • Registration of trademarks and patents. Industrial and intellectual property advice to companies for the protection of trademarks and patents.
  • Business Scouting in the areas of cultural industries: tourism, fashion, cinema industry, real estate, food and wine, energy sustainability. Research and promotion of activities with business models with reference to the standard of the Sharing economy (Cooperative Economics), Impact investing (social entrepreneurship), employment and social innovation.
  • Protection of democracy and human rights. Support for the integration of migrants and peaceful coexistence and interfaith. Active citizenship.
  • Contributes to the Understanding of the European Union with internationalization support audiovisual policy through the creation of international networks to raise awareness of the cultural heritage. Supporting and promoting festivals and the circulation of European works.
  • Develops plan and project for Management and environmental heritage, construction and real estate, Smart Energy, Smart City energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste disposal.

For its activity promotion CAT-LAB uses the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

International relationships

  • International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
  • Joint Economic Committee, United State Congress, Washington D.C
  • International Atlantic Economic Society, Atlanta
  • Brandenburg University of Technology Departmental Geopedologie and landscape development
  • University Of Erfurt/Universität Erfurt
  • EACA, University of Hamburg
  • Fern Univerity in Hangen Department of Economics Germany
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany
  • Film school.lodz. PL
  • Warsaw School of Economics Polska
  • Jean Monnet of European Economics Integration, Faculty of political Sciences Ankara /Turkey
  • Public Choice Research Centre, University of Turku, Finland
  • Economics School , University of Georgia, USA

  • Horizon 2020 topics

    SH1_5 - Competitiveness, innovation, research and development SH5_12 - Cultural memory, intangible cultural heritage SH5_7 - Museums and exhibitions

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