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Entry Visa and Health Insurance

These procedures are subject to the current and future emergency provisions of the Italian Government and of the European Union regarding the prevention and containment of the epidemic of the COVID virus 19.

We kindly invite you to keep up to date on the Covid-19 situation as far as the Italian authorities have arranged for entry into Italy.

The Italian Ministry of University and Research has just announced that, with reference to the PROCEDURES FOR ENTRY, RESIDENCY AND ENROLMENT AT HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS FOR STUDENTS REQUIRING VISAS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION COURSES IN ITALY, FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021, and in the face of the persistence of the emergency situation linked to the spread of COVID19, the deadline initially indicated as 30 November 2020 for the issue of study visas by the diplomatic / consular Missions is extended to 31st January 2021.

To enter Italy, non-EU students wishing to enrol in degree programmes or single course units must first apply for an entry visa for study purposes.

The entry visa for study purposes is usually issued after the pre-enrolment procedures at the Italian Embassy have been completed.

Where necessary, some embassies issue a short-term visa in order to allow students to take part in admission tests held in Italy.

Subsequently, and only after verifying the successful outcome of the admission tests, they issue a visa for study purposes, called “studio – immatricolazione università” in Italian.

Read the information about the visa for Italy, selecting “study – university enrolment” (if you wish to enrol in a degree programme), “study – university single course” (if you wish to enrol in single course units), as the reason for your stay.

Contact the relevant Italian Embassy well in advance and find out what the documents required are. Make an appointment if necessary.

Important: an entry visa for tourism cannot be used to enrol at the university or to obtain a residence permit for study purposes.

If before leaving, you will need to purchase health insurance in your own country (which must be valid in Italy and cover illnesses, accidents and maternity).

Take the policy documentation with you to the embassy together with the other documents required for obtaining a visa and make sure that the embassy stamps the insurance policy to certify its validity.

Without the embassy’s stamp, once you arrive in Italy you may be obliged to purchase another policy, as foreign insurance not validated by the Embassy is not acceptable for obtaining a residence permit.

For more information about pre-enrolment procedures, please consult the section Applying to, and and contact your nearest Italian Embassy (or Consulate).

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