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Degree course Civil Engineering
Curriculum IDRAULICA
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2014/2015


Degree course Civil Engineering
Curriculum IDRAULICA
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2014/2015
Scientific Disciplinary Sector ICAR/04
Year First year
Time unit Second semester
Class hours 48
Educational activity Formative educational activities

Single group

Objectives N.D.
AIR TRANSPORT: Birth and development of air transport - Classification of Flight - The air bases in Italy - The national and international organizations of aviation
CONCEPTS OF AVIATION: Elements of aerodynamics and flight mechanics - Aircraft Features - Wings - Trolley - Aircraft Mass Dentitions
REQUIREMENTS AND CLASSIFICATION OF AIRPORT AREA: Factors influencing the choice of an airport area - Aircraft Noise - Weather conditions and flight safety – Airports classification - Obstacle limitation surfaces.
TAKE OFF AND LANDING MANOEVRES – DECLARED DISTANCES AND AIRCRAFT REQUIRED DISTANCE: Normal aborted and critical take-off - runway, stopway, clearway – Landing - Declared distances: TORA, TODA, ASDA - Take-off Distance - Landing distance - Factors affecting take-off distance – Aircraft required distance: TOR, TOD, ASD.
RUNWAY ORIENTATION: Meteorology at airports - Study and classification of winds - Coefficient of utilization, Number, siting and orientation of runways.
GEOMETRICAL REQUIREMENTS OF AIRPORT AREA: Geometrical characteristics of the runways: width, longitudinal profile, cross-section - Runway shoulders, Runway strips, Clearways , Stopways, Taxiways, Taxiway shoulders, Taxiway strips, Rapid exit taxiways.
SIGNS AT AIRPORT: Markings - Signs
APRONS: Definition – Size of aprons - Determination of the number of pitches - Size pitches ways parking of an aircraft
HELIPORTS: Data on heliports - Physical characteristics of heliports - Surfaces must be left free of obstructions.
AIRPORT PAVEMENTS: Generalities on airport pavements – Types of pavements - Criteria for choosing the type of pavements - Critical and non-critical areas - Concrete pavements: features and components - The joints of the plates – Flexible pavement - Bearing capacity indicators: E, K, CBR - Testing of bearing capacity of rigid and flexible pavements - Factors influencing the pavement design - The equivalent single-wheel load - Pavement strength: LCN and ACN-PCN Methods - Design of concrete pavements: LCN, Corps or Engineers, Portland Cement Association, FAA - Design of flexible pavements: Methods FAA, Corps of Engineers, LCN.

GENERALITIES ON THE RAILWAYS: Historical Background - Development and consistency of the Italian railway networks - Organization of the FS group
THE RAILWAY TRACK: railway embankment - Railway platform - Sub-ballast - Trenches - Rail - Rail-vehicle interaction – Sleepers - Fasteners- Ballast - Scheme of load distribution - Thermal of the track - Maintenance of the superstructure - Structure gauge.
MECHANICS OF LOCOMOTION: Rolling Stock - Adherence - Resistance to motion – Railway traction - Braking.
HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL ALIGNMENT OF A RAILWAY LINE: Generalities - Design speed - horizontal alignment of the railway line - Maximum speed in-line as a function of the ranks – Vertical alignment: grade and vertical curves.
RAILWAY BRIDGES: Historical notes and generality - Type of railway bridges - Load on the decks - Criteria for choosing the type of bridge – Maintenance.
RAILWAY TUNNELS: Classification - Methods of excavation and lining blind hole - Methods of excavation in the open - Section of the tunnels - Implants gallery - Criteria for selection of the floor pan - Safety and maintenance.
RAILWAY SWITCH: General - Schemes of switchs - Classification of switchs - Arrangement of switches - Intersections and English switch.
LINES: Features of the lines: single track, dual track - Characteristics of line operations.
RAILWAY STATIONS: General - Classification of station - Railroad stations - Station Plans - Type of stations - Stations travellers - Railway goods.
ELECTRIC TRACTION: Overview - Type of equipment for the electric traction - Line of Contact.
RAILWAY SIGNALLING SYSTEMS: History of block signalling, Block signalling, Entering and leaving a manually controlled block, Permissive and absolute blocks, Automatic block, Fixed block, Moving block, Fixed signals, Mechanical signals, Colour light signals, Route signalling and speed signalling, Approach release, Safety systems, Cab signalling, Timetable and train order.
HIGH SPEED RAILWAY: Overview - Type of high-speed lines - Technical characteristics of Italian high-speed lines - High speed in Europe.
SUBWAYS, TRAMWAYS AND SPECIAL RAILWAYS: Overview on subways - Overview on tramways - Overview on cog railway, funicular terrestrial.
- Tesoriere: Strade, Ferrovie, Aeroporti - Vol. III - Sovrastrutture aeroportuali - UTET-
- Tocchetti: Infrastrutture ed impianti aeroportuali - Ed. F. Angeli - 1983
- ENAC : Regolamento per la costruzione e l’esercizio degli aeroporti – ottobre 2003
- Teacher lectures

- Tesoriere: Strade, Ferrovie, Aeroporti - Vol. I – Il progetto e le opere d’arte – UTET
- Michele Agostinacchio – “Strade Ferrovie Aeroporti” - EPC Libri
- Ennio Antonucci – Infrastrutture ferroviarie – Pitagora Editrice Bologna
- Franco Policicchio: Lineamenti di infrastrutture ferroviarie – Firenze University Press.
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation Yes
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation No
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere Yes
Practice Test No

Further information

Description Document
Bozza regolamento eliporti cap 1_3 (dispensa) Document
Bozza regolamento eliporti cap 4_5 (dispensa) Document
Bozza regolamento eliporti cap 6_9 (dispensa) Document
D.M. 31_10_1997 Rumore aeroportuale (dispensa) Document
Lecture 01 - Generalità sul trasporto aereo (dispensa) Document
Lecture 02 - Cenni di aerodinamica e di meccanica del volo (dispensa) Document
Lecture 03 - requisiti di un'area aeroportuale (dispensa) Document
Lecture 04 - Classificazione degli aeroporti (dispensa) Document
Lecture 05- manovre di decollo ed atterraggio e distanze dichiarate (dispensa) Document
Lecture 06- caratterastiche fisiche delle piste di volo e delle vie di rullaggio (dispensa) Document
Lecture 07- Piazzali aeromobili (dispensa) Document
Lecture 08 - Dispositivi di segnalazione (dispensa) Document
Lecture 09- meteorologia degli aeroporti e orientamento di una pista di volo (dispensa) Document
Lecture 10 - Le pavimentazioni aeroportuali _portanza dei sottofondi_portanza delle pavimentazioni (dispensa) Document
lecture 10F - sicurezza in campo ferroviario (dispensa) Document
Lecture 11- I carichi di traffico (dispensa) Document
lecture 12 - agibilità piste (dispensa) Document
lecture 13- dimensionamento pavimentazioni rigide (dispensa) Document
lecture 14- dimensionamento pavimentazioni flessibili (dispensa) Document
lecture 15- gli eliporti (dispensa) Document
lecture 1F- generalità sul trasporto ferroviario (dispensa) Document
lecture 2.1F - termica del binario (dispensa) Document
lecture 2F- la strada ferrata (dispensa) Document
lecture 3F - meccanica della locomozione (dispensa) Document
lecture 4F- andamento plano-altimetrico (dispensa) Document
lecture 5F- i deviatoi (dispensa) Document
lecture 6F- le linee (dispensa) Document
lecture 7F- le stazioni (dispensa) Document
lecture 8F- trazione elettrica (dispensa) Document
lecture 9F- impianti di segnalamento (dispensa) Document
Regolamemto Aeroporti Ed2 Capitoli 7-10 (dispensa) Document
Regolamento Aeroporti Ed2 Capitoli1-5 (dispensa) Document
Regolamento Aeroporti Ed2 Capitolo6 (dispensa) Document
programma corso IA&IF (programma) Document

Office hours list:

Description News
Office hours by: Marinella Silvana Giunta
martedi ore 14-17
No news posted
No class timetable posted
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