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Degree course Civil Engineering
Curriculum IDRAULICA
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2014/2015


Degree course Civil Engineering
Curriculum IDRAULICA
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2014/2015
Scientific Disciplinary Sector ICAR/09
Year First year
Time unit Second semester
Class hours 48
Educational activity Formative educational activities

Single group

Professor ENZO D'AMORE
Objectives N.D.
Programme Elements Of Seismology And Seismicity ( 1 ECTS credits)

Continental tectonics and seismicity, seismogenic faults, earthquake occurrence statistics, basic earthquake properties, earthquake magnitude, attenuation relations.
engineering characterization of ground motion, elastic response spectra, elastic design spectra, inelastic response spectra, inelastic design spectra.

Structural Analysis Methods for Designing Earthquake-Resistant Structures (2 ECTS credits)
Equivalent Lateral Force Analysis and Modal Response Spectrum Analysis of multi-story bulding structures subjected to ground excitations. Prediction of seismic demands by means of pushover analysis. Applications of nonlinear Dynamic Analysis.

Elements of Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Buildings (2 ECTS credit)
Analyses of the effects of significant earthquakes, main requirements and conceptual approach to performance-based seismic design of buildings. Performance-based guidelines. Seismic behavior and design of earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete buildings, reinforced concrete lateral force-resisting structural systems, detailing of ductile moment frames and shear walls. Seismic Design of Steel braced frames and moment resisting frames. Types of braced frames and moment frames, connection selection and details. Eccentric braced frames, Buckling-restrained frames.

Elements of Passive Supplemental Damping and Seismic Isolation (1 ECTS credit)
Theoretical basis of seismic isolation, insight into the behavior of isolated buildings, elastomeric-based systems, isolation systems based on sliding.
Seismic energy dissipation systems for buildings, hysteretic dampers, velocity-dependent dampers.

Books Clough R.W. e Penzien J., Dynamics of Structures, McGraw-Hill, New York, Second edition, 1993.
Chopra A.K., Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Application to Earthquake Engineering, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Second edition, 2001.
R. Park y; T. Paulay, “Reinforced concrete structures”, New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1975.
Yousef Bozorgnia, Vitelmo Bertero, “Earthquake engineering: from engineering seismology to performance-based engineering”, ISBN 0-8493-1439-9, 2004, CRC Press.
T.Paulay, M.J.N. Priestley, "Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings", J.Wiley, 1992.
Petrini L., Pinho R. e Calvi G.M., “Criteri di Progettazione Antisismica degli Edifici”, RELIUS, Collana di manuali di progettazione antisismica, Manuale 1, IUSS Press, 2004, Pavia.
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation Yes
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation Yes
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere Yes
Practice Test No

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