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Degree course Science of architecture
Curriculum Curriculum unico
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2019/2020
Scientific Disciplinary Sector
Year First year
Time unit
Class hours 40
Educational activity For the final exam and the foreign language (art.10, paragraph 5, letter c)

Single group

Professor Mary Teresa O'SULLIVAN
Objectives The main objective of the course is to provide students with the necessary linguistis skills in English which will allow them to read and understand Architectural texts.The course alse aims at familiarising the students with the specific technical tems used in their field but also to enable them to converse in everyday situations .
Programme The grammar programme is as follows:
• Verb “to be” – affirmative, negative, interrogative
• Articles – a/an, the
• Plural of nouns – irregular plurals
• Possessive adjectives/ Possessive pronouns
• This/that/these/those
• Verb “to have (got)” – affirmative, negative, interrogative
• Numbers – cardinal and ordinal
• Saxon genitive – the family (vocabulary)
• Verb “to have” – idiomatic uses
• There is/ there are - interrogative, negative
• Imperative – positive, negative
• Present Simple – affirmative, negative, interrogative. Adverbs of frequency
• Past Simple – all forms (affirmative, negative, interrogative). Regular/irregular verbs.
• Present Continuous Tense - affirmative, interrogative, negative
• Futures – will, present continuous used as a future
• Adverbs of manner (unit 86)
• Modal verbs – must/can/could/
• Question words – who/when/where/how/how much/how many/what kind of/how often/how long/how far/ how tall
• Prepositions – (unit 93)
• Present Perfect Tense – affirmative, negative, interrogtive.
• Some – something, somebody/someone, somewhere
Any – anything, anybody/anyone, anywhere
No- nothing, nobody/no one, nowhere
• Much/many/a lot of/a few/a little/enough/too
• Comparative and Superlative of adjectives
• Past Continuous
• Present/Past Passive

The programme also involves the reading ,translating and the comprehension of texts pertaining to the student's Course of study.
It takes in the study of the specific terminology used in the student's field of study with a view to understanding and discussing the topics related to the student's academic career.
Books Handouts prepared by the teacher;
Grammar Spectrum for Italian Students - OUP;
Murphy's Essential English Grammar In Use -CUP;
English for Architecture by Dinsmore ,Kerwin,O'Sullivan;
The Multilingual Dictionary of Architecture and Building Terms by CHRIS Grech;
Conservation Historic Buildings by Bernard M Feilden;
ABC of Architecture by James F. O'Gorman
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method Yes
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation Yes
Oral examination evaluation No
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation No
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere No
Practice Test No

Further information

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