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Semiconductor phisycs

Degree course Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Engineering
Curriculum Curriculum unico
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2016/2017
Scientific Disciplinary Sector FIS/01
Year Third year
Time unit Second semester
Class hours 48
Educational activity Educational activities chosen by the student (art.10, paragraph 5, letter a)

Single group

Objectives Synthetic description:
The purpose of the course is to provide the basis for understanding the characteristics, operation and limitations of present day semiconductor devices. The course is intended for students of the third year; the prerequisites for understanding the subjects are the courses of Mathematical Analysis and Physics of the first year. An introductory course of Electronics is helpful, but not essential.
The first part of the course presents an introduction to the crystal structure of solids , in particular silicon, germanium and gallium arsenide, and to the basic principles of Quantum Mechanics that are vital to the understanding of the energy bands in solids.
The second part of the course deals with the transport phenomena of the charge carriers in a semiconductor, under the influence of an external electric field or a concentration gradient. The study of the behaviour of excess carriers is vital to understand the operation of semiconductor electronic devices.
The third part deals with the physics of the basic semiconductor devices and the electrostatics of the p-n junction. Metal-semiconductor junctions, both rectifying and nonrectifying, are considered. The physics of the metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is studied.

Acquisition of knowledge on:
Basic crystal structures. Principles of Modern Physics. Energy bands in semiconductors. Mechanisms of charge transport in semiconductor materials. Electrostatics of the p-n junction. Metal-semiconductor junctions. Fundamentals of MOSFET.
Programme Crystal Structure of solids – Crystal lattices –Primitive and unit cell – Basic crystalline structures: sc, fcc, bcc. Crystalline planes and Miller indices – Diamond and zincblende structure – Imperfections and impurities in solids.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics - Infinite potential well - Energy bands - . Semiconductors in equilibrium – Charge carriers in semiconductors – Intrinsic Concentration –Extrinsic semiconductors – Donors and acceptors – Fermi level

Transport phenomena in a semiconductor – Drift velocity - Mobility – Carrier diffusion - Diffusion and drift current – Excess carriers – Carrier injection – Generation and recombination processes

Metal-semiconductor junction – p-n junction – Step junction – Built-in potential barrier- The p-n junction diode - I-V characteristics – Eterojunctions – Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) – n-channel and p-channel MOSFET - The basic MOSFET operation - The CMOS technology -
Books Neamen D.A., Semiconductor Physics and Devices. Basic Principles, Mc Graw-Hill
S.M. Sze, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Wiley-Interscience

Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation Yes
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation No
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere No
Practice Test No

Further information

No document in this course

Office hours list:

Description News
Office hours by: Giacomo Messina
Nel periodo di erogazione dei corsi (marzo-maggio 2018) il ricevimento studenti del Prof. Giacomo Messina si terrà il mercoledì ore 11 presso la Direzione del DIIES (6° piano).
Office hours by: Giacomo Messina
Nuovo orario Ricevimento Studenti Prof. Giacomo Messina
Nel periodo di sospensione delle lezioni (giugno-settembre 2017) il ricevimento studenti si terra' il martedi' ore 9.00 presso la Direzione DIIES (VI piano).
Prof. Giacomo Messina
Office hours by: Giacomo Messina
Nuovo orario Ricevimento Studenti Prof. Giacomo Messina (Ottobre-Novembre 2017)
Nel periodo delle lezioni del primo semestre dell'A.A.2017-2018 (Ottobre-Novembre 2017) il ricevimento studenti si terra' il martedi' ore 17.15 presso la Direzione DIIES (VI piano).
Prof. Giacomo Messina
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