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Degree course Environmental Enginnering
Academic Year 2016/2017
Scientific Disciplinary Sector ING-IND/11
Year Second year
Time unit Second semester
Class hours 48
Educational activity Related and integrative training activities

Single group

Supplying course 1000263 FONTI ENERGETICHE RINNOVABILI in Ingegneria per l'Ambiente e il Territorio LM-35 PIETRAFESA MATILDE
Professor Matilde Mariarosa Consolata PIETRAFESA
Objectives The course deals with the most widespread technologies of energy production from renewable source through the dissertation of principles, processes, components and systems. The course starts describing the present transitions from fossil fuels to renewable sources and from centralized production to distributed one. Fossil fuels impact on the environment is analysed, together with its consequent climatic changes. Energy storage making use of hydrogen as energy vector is also described.
Programme Climatic changes. Global warming. Temperature raise effects. IPCC reports. Energy load and demand. Equivalent oil ton. Energy and Climate European Directive. EU road map to decarbonisation. Global emission reduction protocol (COP 21). New energetic paradigms.
Energy sources. Primary energy. Energy sources. Fossil and fissile fuels. Renewable energy sources (RES). Secondary energy: electric energy. Hydrogen as energy vector.
Centralized energy production. Conventional power systems. RES power systems.
Distributed energy production. Building energetics. Use of RES in buildings. Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB). Energy demand in buildings. Solar energy in buildings. Smart grid.
Atmospheric pollution. Pollution scale. Greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, global warming potential, emission categories, emission evaluations, ozone depletion, acid rain.
Standards on building sustainability. European Directives, Burden sharing.
Wind energy and Aerogenerators. Wind energy. Anemologic characterization. Velocities distribution. Probability models. Aerogenerators. Extractable energy from wind. Power Coefficient. Power curve. Rated power. Energy production. Environmental impact.
Solar energy. Sun emission spectrum. Solar radiation. Solar paths. Radiation profiles. Solar energy exploitation technologies.
Photovoltaic systems. Solar energy exploitation for electric energy production. Photovoltaic (PV) effect. Sylicon. Drugged semiconductors. P-N junction. PV cell. Cell power and efficiency. PV panels. Typologies. PV generations. Grid-connected and stand-alone PV plants. Plant components. Generator dimensioning. Energy production. Storage systems. Governative incentivizing mechanisms. Environmental impact.
Solar collectors. Thermal solar collectors. Plants and components. Efficiency. Optimum surface determination. F-chart method. Solar cooling.
Wastes and biomass Waste disposal technologies. Waste differentiation. Waste reduction and reuse. Energy recovery. Recycling. Incineration with energy production. Landfill. Organic waste disposal. Compost production. Biomass. Origin and composition. Anaerobic digestion. Biogas. Grass energy storage. Grass emission absorption.
Hydrogen. Hydrogen characteristics as a fuel. Energy from hydrogen. Production technologies. Storage and transport. Fuel cells.

Books Course Didactic material
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance No
Written examination evaluation No
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation No
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere No
Practice Test No

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Office hours by: Matilde Mariarosa Consolata Pietrafesa
Il ricevimento si tiene il mercoledi ed il giovedi alle 17 nel Laboratorio di Energia e Ambiente
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