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Degree course Architecture - Restoration
Curriculum Architettura del paesaggio
Learnings Orientamento unico
Academic Year 2019/2020
Scientific Disciplinary Sector ICAR/21
Year First year
Time unit
Class hours 60
Educational activity Formative educational activities

Single group

Objectives The Progettazione Urbanistica discipline, at the first year of the Master’s Degree Course in Architettura/Restauro (LM 4), is aimed at providing students with the methodological and technical elements for the elaboration of the town planning project. The Course sets the objective to give students the basic elements for town reading and interpretation, urban quality perception and the adoption of opportune tools oriented to govern the change towards the objectives of sustainability.
The educational path includes the treatment of topics relative to the interpretative paradigms of the urban phenomenon, to design models and the constituents of modern and contemporary town.
Programme Acquisition of knowledge on:
The central topics of the educational path treatment regard the project of transformation of the physical space and tackle the multiple characters of the urban phenomenon, with special attention to the new definitions of sustainable town planning.
In the development of the educational contents, students will be engaged in a series of experimentations during which readings of “good practices” of the urban development and procedures of planning and design of the territory will be realized, which will regard opportunely chosen specific domains.
The didactic offer mostly interests the laboratory. There is also, for particular students’ categories (full- or part-time workers or with particular needs), the possibility, through a suitable educational pact, of a particular form of blended learning in virtual classes with tutoring, through logging on the blog using the mailing list of the Course on the professor’s dedicated page.

Student’s independent work
The student will be engaged in an independent way in the design proposal progress among the laboratory verifications with the professors and the other groups of design. They will also work in an independent way for the acquisition of a critical thought through the bibliography, the chosen extracts and the websites which, during the activities, will implement the shared heritage in the Blog

Detailed course program
The objective is to consider the criteria and problems of the sustainable town in the town planning and design. The so structured Course proposes itself to lead students to the understanding of urbanization processes in the contemporary era, to the interpretation of settling forms, to the identification of innovations in town planning, to the understanding of the current settling phenomena.

The design Proposal will regard the urban heritage optimization through interventions addressed to the rise/reach of levels of quality and context sustainability starting from the place conditions of accessibility, security and identity. Through theoretical and methodological analyses, urban readings will be developed and illustrated with design references relative to experiences of national and international, modern and contemporary town planning culture whose contents will be shared in the Blog and will contribute to expanding the already present numerous cases.
Books Resources and main references
Specific bibliographical indications will be provided during lessons. Chosen extracts and documents will be also available on the portal of the professors’ page about the Course and on the blog

Alexander C., Neis, H., Anninou, A. and King I. (1987) A New Theory of Urban Design, Oxford University Press, New York,
Choay F. (1995), L’Allegoria del patrimonio, Officina Editore, Roma
De Carlo G. (1964), Questioni di architettura e urbanistica, Argalia, Urbino
Indovina F. (2007), Un futuro amico. Sostenibilità ed equità, Franco Angeli Editore, Milano (I edizione 2002)
Lynch K.(1990), Progettare la città: la qualità della forma urbana, Etas Libri, Milano
Traditional teaching method Yes
Distance teaching method No
Mandatory attendance Yes
Written examination evaluation No
Oral examination evaluation Yes
Aptitude test evaluation No
Project evaluation Yes
Internship evaluation No
Evaluation in itinere Yes
Practice Test No

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