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Applying to enrollment (non EU)


You can read the 2021 official Italian Ministry of the University and Research (MUR) rules for pre-enrollment, please visit:

and read the MUR instruction at:


These procedures are subject to the current and future emergency provisions of the Italian Government and of the European Union regarding the prevention and containment of the epidemic of the COVID virus 19.

The application for access to Laurea and Laurea Magistrale degree courses for international students applying for
visas and residing abroad, must take place through a prior university pre-enrolment procedure, which precedes the
subsequent enrolment phases.

4.1 University pre-enrolment
In order to start the university pre-enrolment procedures, the universities will instruct candidates to their study
courses to access the UNIVERSITALY portal ( in order to fill in the relative “pre-enrolment
application” online. Within the UNIVERSITALY portal there will be all the information for the completion of preenrolment applications, aimed at facilitating the access of candidates to university courses and related institutions. The
subsequent pre-enrolment phases will be completed at the relevant diplomatic-consular Missions for the purpose of
obtaining the relevant visa. The deadlines for the procedures relating to pre-enrolment in the Laurea and Laurea
Magistrale degree courses, with the exception of those with admission quotas, are defined by each university and
published on their respective websites.
Registration for admission tests to Laurea Magistrale degree courses in: .............................and for
courses dedicated to the training of an Architect, follows the procedures outlined in the portal
The registration for the test is carried out online by the student and is in no way linked to the visa request at the
diplomatic-consular Missions, which must, however, be initiated and formalised, as mandated, no later than the deadlines
established by the calendar relative to the procedures for enrolment in Laurea and Laurea Magistrale courses on a
national basis.
The procedures relating to pre-enrolment in Master universitari, Dottorati di Ricerca, Scuole di specializzazione and
foundation courses (corsi propedeutici) do not follow the deadlines for enrolment in Laurea and Laurea Magistrale
degree courses but take place according to the terms autonomously decided by the individual institutions, in relation to
the start of the courses themselves. Once the pre-enrolment application has been completed, all candidates must all candidates must apply
for a university study/enrolment visa at the Italian consular diplomatic mission of the country of residence."

Brief Instructions for submitting the pre-enrollment application on Universitaly (only for nonEU student requiring Visa):

Register here (you can change the language by clicking on the flags at the top right);
Fill in the fields required to create your profile (remember to enter your details exactly as they are described in the passport);
You will receive an email to confirm your account and complete the registration by setting the password;
Click on Pre-enrollment application> New pre-enrollment application to start. Remember that you can only send one for the 2021/2022 academic year, choosing one university and one course of study;

choose the academic year (2021/2022)
check your personal data

check your passport data
insert your passport photo and scan your passport
indicate at which Embassy / Consulate you will apply for the visa and the reason (for example:“Voglio immatricolarmi ad un corso di studio” - "I want to enroll in a course of study", or other)
select "Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria"
choose and enter the course you intend to attend
It is NOT necessary to enter "Account identification at the University / AFAM / Institute"

Upload your qualifications and supporting documents (for example: language certificates, translations of the qualification, transcript of records, declaration of value / certificate of comparability, etc.)

Check your details and send the pre-enrollment application.

At this point your application will have been sent to our university.

Important: pre-enrolment at the Italian Embassy alone does not grant admission to degree programmes. In order to matriculate you also need to complete the admission procedures required by the University for the programme you have chosen.

If you are interested in applying for university financial aid, (study grants, housing and tuition fee waivers), you must obtain a certification attesting to your family’s income and assets from the Italian Embassy, which has to be translated and legalized.

This is an indicative page, for complete information, please visit:

If you need more information about tuitition fee, completion of enrollment, etc.: please visit:

For general information on italian Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence - CIMEA

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